Code of Conduct

All participants at Freezer Burn must bring everything they need to survive for four days in a grassy, forested camping area – food, water, shelter, bug repellent, camping stuff.

While Freezer Burn is a festival of self-expression and a celebration of freedom, our community can only survive and thrive if we treat each other, our gracious hosts, and our neighbors with respect. To that end, there are a few guidelines that we need all Freezer Burn participants to bear in mind as they approach, attend, and leave the event. Community membership is a privilege. Violation of these requirements could result in ejection from the community. Freezer Burn tickets are not refundable.

Water: there is hardly enough water for the people who live at the site, so they have none to spare for us. You must bring your own water for the event, and you must pack out your greywater (from washing)!

Leave No Trace: simply put, if you pack it in, you pack it out. There is no garbage collection at Freezer Burn. See the Leave No Trace section of the website for more details!

Commerce: There is no commercial vending at Freezer Burn – no buying or selling. Like Burning Man, Freezer Burn is a place of sharing and runs on the gift economy.

Fire: There are a few fire pits this year at our new venue, for all to cook at and gather round. Camp stoves are okay at campsites, but no open fires.

Potties: Freezer Burn is providing porta-potties this year. You know the drill – nothing goes in the potties that didn’t come out of your bodies! And please, no peeing in the river, people use that water downstream.

Keep an eye on this page – if anything else important comes up, we might have to add it here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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