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Event Registration for 2016 will be open soon. Please email if you have any questions.

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These were some of the events from Freezer Burn 2015:

Java and Jollies
Daily 10 am to noon @ Kidsville
Bouncy castle for the kids… coffee for the parents. Come join us at Kidsville for some morning energy burn for your wee ones and energy regeneration for the big kids. Please bring a cup.

Lamp Lighters
Everyday @ Sunset and Sunrise
Because the rainbow has a dark side, Freezer Burn has streetlights. Just like Burning Man we need people to turn the lights on and off. Come to Church of Respect to book your time to light up our amazing community.

General Play and Merriment
All Weekend Long @ Everywhere
Random goofiness as per usual….oh and great outfits too!

Split Bananas
When You Least Expect It @ ReNarnia
We will split your banana, but what you do with it is up to you. Keep your eyes peeled for yellow swirls of sisterly madness to make your banana treat memorable.

Dirty Chili Dog Runs
Various Times @ Served off the Unholy Grindhouse
“Dirty” = delicious. “Runs” = we serve the food to you, wherever we are on the fraya. Keep an eye out for the Unholy Grindhouse mutant vehicle. Whenever we get the urge, the Consensual Sex Pistols will be serving up hot chilli dogs to anyone who’s hungry.

Choose Your Own Adventures
Ongoing throughout the Weekend @ the Darkade
Come down to the Darkade and embark on an adventure of your choosing! If our door is open, come on in and choose your fate!

MeatLoaf Day
Friday all day culminating at 5 pm @ The Grove
MeatLoaf day returns triumphantly to Freezer Burn. Wear your best 80s rock gear all day then join us at 5 pm at The Grove to kick off your weekend with intense meat sweats and 80s rock earworms. Serving gluten free meatloaves til it’s gone, bring your own plate and fork.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – Take This aka Equipping Your Hero
Friday all day @ the Darkade
Bring your ID down to the Darkade to get your wristband for entry into the dungeon all weekend and a handy instruction manual for your quest!

Lip Lock Lip Sync Video
Friday 1 pm @ Hippo Kisses Booth
Ever wanted to be part of a rock video? Dress in your finest costume, grab a friend (or 5) and come lip sync to Prince’s classic song, Kiss! “You don’t have to be beautiful…”

Normurai is 40!!
Friday 1 pm @ Hippo Kisses Booth
Come join us for all the things that norm loves best… well… except for snowboarding. Besides snogging we have all kinds of fun surprises in store for Norm. Help Norm bring in the next decade in style!!

Señor Prime’s Space Jam
Friday 3 to 5 pm @ Space Gnomes Camp
Finished setting up your camp? Need encouragement because your camp is still not done? Get some straight talk from Space Gnome Prime himself. Don’t forget to bring a cup!

Pirate Fun
Friday 6 pm-ish @ Bitches n’ Bacon
Bring yer booty on by to parlay with yer mateys. Don’t forget yer cup!

Ananda Mandala Kundalini Meditation
Friday 7 to 8 pm @ Valhalla
Supercharge your weekend with a powerful kundalini awakening meditation! Rhythmic breathing with successive meditations on each of the chakras that send waves of ecstatic kundalini energy throughout your body. We suggest that pregnant women and people with heart problems don’t participate. Please be on time for this event.

Space Gnomes Red & White Party
Friday 8 pm @ The Rocket Stage
Space Gnomes Infamous Red & White Burning Man Party! Start your Burn by connecting with your Gnomies in a fun-filled send-off to begin our descent to the dark side! Featuring the booty shaking Space Gnoise sound you gnow & love with Aviax, D’Lazy Llama and guests! Bring a cup!

Strap-On Swashbuckling
Friday 8 pm-ish @ Bitches n’ Bacon
After partaking of the pirate parlay, step up to the plank and test your strap on swashbuckling skills! Weapons will be provided.

Cream Pie Contest
Friday 9 pm @ Bitches n’ Bacon
In the mood for a sweet finish to the day? Bring a partner and an appetite! All genders and orientations welcome (not child friendly)!

Episode IV:XX Bass Wars: The Saga Begins
Friday 9 pm to 3 am @ The Deaf Star
This is the night where the Rebels raise the Deaf Star and bump out galactic vibes for the Fraya.

Burners with Babies / Parenting Lil Freaks on the Fraya Sesh
Saturday 10 am @ Kidsville
Parenting lil freaks can be fun yet intense! Especially with the backdrop of festivals and Burninating the countryside. Join other parents in this casual sesh to talk about how the heck we drive these small things, and how we are coping with it all in the default world.

Leave No Trace’s 2nd Annual Silly MOOP-athon!
Saturday 10:55 am to noon @ Oracle Station of First Response
We wear crazy costumes and come up with schemes to show Fraya denizens how silly MOOP really is. Don’t know what MOOP is? Then perhaps this event is tailor-made for you! Wear your best costume. Also be prepared to act super silly and help us get that MOOP!

Saturday 11 am @ Elemental Sanctum
Hang out at Elemental Sanctum and enjoy this 5,000 year old board game. Whether you’re new to the game or a Backgammon master, we want to play with you!

Freezer Burn Variety Show
Saturday noon @ The Rocket Stage
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages… Step right up & bring your enthusiasm (and a chair) to The Rocket Stage for a delightful display of family friendly performance art and sound carefully crafted to start off the day’s entertainment, featuring some of our community’s brightest stars!

A Link to the Here and Now
Saturday afternoon @ the Darkade
Pay attention to your opponent’s choices and mirror them on your partner… tougher than it sounds!

Art in the Park
Saturday 1 pm (after Variety Show) @ Lower Fraya (downstairs)
Calling all artists! Let’s color the dark side of the rainbow. Bring your art supplies to the lower Fraya (downstairs) on Saturday at 1 pm or after the Variety Show and we can create master pieces together.

Poi Workshop with Robin Fiametta
Saturday early afternoon @ Lower Fraya near The Rocket Stage
We’ll work on basic to intermediate poi moves, including weaves, turns, windmills, butterflies and possibly flowers and CAPS if time allows.

3rd Annual Zombeez Brain Eating Contest
Saturday 1 to 2 pm @ Zombeez Bar
Teams of two compete to see who can devour one of Tukk’s slimey brains faster than Freezer Burn kids! (no joke). Bring your appetite, an empty belly and courrrrrrage! It’s going to get sticky, messy and bloody!

11th Annual Naked Slip n Slide
Saturday 2 pm @ Near the Man
Come join us for the 11th Annual Naked Slip n Slide! Take off your clothes, jump in the lube and slide all the way to the end. *THIS IS A PARTICIPANT ONLY EVENT – NO SPECTATORS – NO CAMERAS

Kakuken Jam Takeover
Saturday 2 to 5 pm @ The Rocket Stage
Come get your dancing feet groovin’ this afternoon and join KaesGar, Sublight, & Marc Pandala for some sexy house vibes at the one and only ”The Rocket Stage”. Hosted by Kakuken & Friends.

Return of the Bass: Jedi’s Get Funky
Saturday 2 to 6 pm @ The Deaf Star
The Jedi’s have returned to the Deaf Star to funk out your afternoon with some daytime tunes.

Photo Action Scavenger Hunt
Saturday 2 to 6 pm @ Transient Camp
Groups of Burners will be given a list of objects to find and actions to perform at these objects. Take a Photo and share in the Fun. We’ll have chats in camp and prizes for completion of list.

Unicorn Sparkle Birthday Brunch
Saturday 2:30 pm (after Naked Slip n Slide) @ The Catnip Studio
Come celebrate our girl Sarah’s first birthday party on the fraya in true Dark Side of the Rainbow fashion with a sparkly Saturday brunch! Wear your best glittery or unicorn-inspired outfits. Rainbow pancakes for all!

Saturday 3 pm @ Hello Kitty Adventure Time Breakfast Club
Breakfast for dinner. Bacon, eggs, pancakes and oranges. Bring your own plates, cutlery, and a cup. Last year we fed about 80 people. Hope to do the same or better this year.

Yoga for Munchkins
Saturday 3 to 4 pm @ Kidsville
HEY KIDS!! Bring your munchkin friends and join Nancy-Anne for yoga time! There’ll be games, dancing, and of course lots of yoga! Costumes encouraged.

Vegas Morning After Swim Up (Official Slip & Slide After Party)
Saturday 3 to 5 pm @ Vegas Morning After
Need a break after a long night on the Fraya? The morning after includes all day when you never go to sleep, so join our Vegas Showgirls and Boys for some Sweet Dancing at our post slip and slide SwimUp!

White Trash Dinner
Saturday between 3 & 5ish or when we get our poop in a group @ Vegas Morning After
Official Slip & Slide after party. We might turn off the telly and serve the best White Trash Gourmet this side of the trailer park. A fusion of Alabama and Mississippi back alley cookin’. Bring your own cup, bowl or boot. We suggest you have backup dinner plans. Banjos welcome.

Hip Hop Hooray
Saturday 3:30 pm @ The Grove
Join the beautiful DJ Sam I Am and hosted by the amazing Markus as they jam out to the best hip hop from the 90s. We all know that’s when Hip Hop was the best.

Burner Bachelor/ette Auction
Saturday 5 pm @ The Grove
Pimp Daddy Partytime and A Pimp Named Marty (you gotta say the whole name, like ‘A Tribe Called Quest’) will be commodifying people at the 3rd Annual Burner Bachelor/ette Auction. Stuff your wallets with Civic Engagement and buy a date with some of the finest Burner flesh on the Fraya.

Saturday 5 to 6 pm @ The Rocket Stage
Join Tygerlily, the crazy naked Missoulian, for an advanced twerkshop covering all things twerk! Including booty stacks, leapfrog booty, dolphin twerk, all of it! You don’t want to miss this booty-shaking bonanza that was the highlight of Space Gnomes Burning Man 2013! (*no guarantee of Missoulian nakedness*)

The Art of the Saber
Saturday 6 pm @ The Deaf Star
Bring your own Lightsaber (or use one of our wooden practice sabers) and learn The Art of The Saber from The Jedi Masters at The Deaf Star. Then join us at sunset around The Man for the first ever Freezer Burn Lightsaber Battle of Innocence.

Cocktail Hour and Cock Soup!
Saturday 6 to 7 pm @ Rainbow Cock Camp
Don your finest rainbow gear and join the Beautiful Rainbow Cocks at this Cocktacular event! BYO bowl. “Not just any cock will do!” Cockle Doodle Doo!

I’m Not a Sparkle Pony, I Just Play One on TV
Saturday 6:30 pm @ The Grove
Up your makeup and wig game! We will help you make your festival makeup fantasies come to life and STAY THERE! But wait, that’s not all – bring your most BUSTED wig for some TLC troubleshooting tips. ALSO bring your favourite makeup along to learn some new tricks.

Pre-Burn Fashion Show
Saturday 7 pm @ The Rocket Stage
You ready to shake your little tush on the catwalk? You brought your costumes; it’s time to show ’em off! MC’d by our very own Gnomega, with the stylin’ sexy beats of Vanilladisco. Come and do a little turn on our catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk, yeah.

Smasher’s Power Hour
Saturday 7 pm (before Man Burn) @ Lazer Lounge
It’s gonna Burn to the ground! Before that come to the Lazer Lounge. Power Couple Mess and Wyza & Tag teaming duo T&C Music Factory. Come get jacked up. You know you want to. ~Love Smasher

Rebel Bass Camp Movie Night
Saturday 7 pm to late @ The Deaf Star
Come chill out in the comfy Sarlacc as we have squished-out the Deaf Star for the original Star Wars films. We will start with Star Wars: A New Hope around 7 pm then work our way to Return of the Jedi. We can even pause it for the Effigy Burn.

Perimeter Volunteer Orientation for the Effigy Burn
Saturday 8 pm @ Lower Fraya Near the Man
The Fire Safety team wants to remind you that they are always welcoming volunteers for the perimeter of the burns. Come to this fire safety orientation if you’re interested in participating during the Effigy burn.

Disco Dom Divas
Saturday 8 pm @ The Catnip Studio: A Disco Dive Pussy Palace Production
Get your kink on and treat some dreamy funky divas to the Goddess treatment.

Twerk for Poutine!
Saturday Night, Only When the Music is Pumpin’ and Jumpin’ @ Lazer Lounge
Space Monkey Nicki Gnome and Pistol Pete presents.. Twerk for Poutine.. We gotz some yummy Poutine for ya right here on the Fraya. Bring your booty a Jumpin’ while the music is Pumpin!! While supplies last!!

Saturday Night Fever
After the Man Burns @ The Catnip Studio: A Disco Dive Pussy Palace Production
Shake y’all ass with the heaviest boogie grooves this side of the Paradise Garage.

Yacht Rock O’clock
Sunday morning @ The Catnip Studio: A Disco Dive Pussy Palace Production
Smooth and satiny tunes and ditties start the most magical day off right.

Dune’s Annual Cake and Costume Party
Sunday 11 am @ Kidsville
Come on over to Kidsville in your most fun and funky outfits and get a dose of sugar, get hepped up and ready for the afternoon! This is for kids and kids at heart. Hosted by Dune who turns 5 just after Freezer Burn.

Fetus Adoption/Adaptation Station
Sunday 11 am to noon @ Zombeez Bar
Fetuses are all the rage this season. That’s why Tukk has a barrel of fetuses that need ‘good’ homes! Decorate and adopt a helpless fetus. OR decorate and fashion yourself a sweet dead fetus necklace! OR watch a bunch of freaks nerd out over mini dead pre-humans they can manipulate.

Em’s Naked Yoga
Sunday 11 am to noon @ Lazer Lounge
How about some stretching on your sunday funday? Check out this light and relaxed all levels yoga class. Naked means come as you are – whether that’s in costume or still awake from last night’s party! Actual nudity is also acceptable. Adults only please!

Bright Side of the Rainbow Sunday Revival
Sunday 11 am to 1 pm @ The Church of Respect
Again this year Church of Respect is hosting our Sunday morning celebration. Come and raise your voice. There will be coffee and snacks. Come join us for the respect that you deserve.

French Fraya
Sunday noon to 1 pm @ Near but not within Kidsville
The Left Coast Chapter of the AB/BC Collective is proud to bring you the first Freezer Burn French Fraya.  Enjoy fresh cut french fries with all of the fixins including gravy, cheese curds, chili, hot sauce and more! Family and Vegan Friendly. BYOPlate. Leave No Trace.

Metal & Meat
Sunday noon to 2 pm @ The Rocket Stage
It’s the Space Gnomes annual Metal and Meat party! MAYHEM AND MEAT!!!! CARNAGE AND CARNE!!! Feast on the infamous ManBurnPig or bring some pre-cooked meat to share while rocking out to the vicious sounds of MOOP (Metal Out of Place)! Metal until 2 pm, meat until it’s gone.

Pretty Pretty Princess Paddlin’ Party
Sunday afternoon @ the Darkade
Don your prettiest princess dresses and come on down for a party with paddlin’s! Will you be the paddler or the paddlee?

Hearts Awakening Breathwork and Inspirational Dance
Sunday 1 pm @ The White Forest
DaeZed and Karen are happy to be coming together to offer you a transformational Sunday morning! Release, recharge, rejuvenate and relax into the expansiveness of the sweet space. Using breath, creative movement, sacred space and music as powerful portals to bring you to where stories dissolve and alchemist potential begins.

Fermented Potluck
Sunday 2 pm @ Camp Bitches n’ Bacon
Bring your fermented food and drink to share. Sample some pickles, saurkraut, kefir, cheese, mead, kombucha, or anything else you created yourself! Share recipes, tips, tricks and ideas on making your own delicious fermented creations!

The Vixen Vaccinators
Sunday 2 pm @ Hippo Kisses Booth
Find us wearing nurse costumes with a giant syringe!

The Monkeys are Loose!
Sunday 2 pm @ First Response
They think I have the power because I have the monkeys… No… I have the power, because I’m crazy enough to let the monkeys loose!!!

No Use to You But it Still Has a Use Workshop
Sunday 2 pm to 3 pm @ ReNarnia
A chance to ReConvene and ReImagine how we view waste. ReNarnia has built its infrastructure and art almost solely through RePurposing, sourcing and manifesting materials. We aim to continue the discussion on how everything we need to survive the wild and whacky world already exists…you just have to find it!

The Sunday Drag Race
Sunday before Funk Jam @ The Catnip Studio and Race to The Grove’s Funk Jam
Dudes throw on a dress and some heels; chicks throw on a ‘stache and walk like you have a third leg. Get ready to get rowdy in your fanciest attire, the beardier the better, no makeup required. Bras, boas, dresses, shorts whatever you have put it on and sashay away!

Golde & Rae Rae’s 4th Annual Funky Fresh Funk Jam
Sunday 2 to 5 pm @ The Grove
We want the funk! You’ve got a real type of thing goin’ down, gettin’ down, there’s a WHOLE lot of rhythm going round. Time to tear the roof off the sucker at Golde and Rae Rae’s 4th annual Funky Fresh Funk Jam! You don’t want to miss it.

Hoop / Prop Jam
Sunday 3 pm @ The Rocket Stage
Just as Charlie’s Angels are coming at you with their badass moves, so are the talented Ursa Minor, Miss Erin Dingle and Gilly with their hoop technique. Have some fun this afternoon by joining these lovely ladies in some flow play while enjoying the fresh beats of Betty & Veronica.

Dance Your Mask Off!
Sunday 3 to 3:30 pm @ Kidsville
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, come and be part of our dancing game! Come reveal your powers by joining Ninja and Karabelle to tap into your super hero! Ages 4 and up.

Errrbody is Aslan Party
Sunday 3 pm to 5 pm @ ReNarnia
At this shindig, YOU are the belle of the ball. If you dare to fly your freak flag, come kick it at ReNarnia with this pride of Aslans and get the chance to be the star of the party.

Risque Rainbow Burlesque Show
Sunday 5 pm @ The Grove
Join us after the Funk Jam for our annual Freezer Burn Burlesque show. It’s a racy event; some of your favourite fancy humans will be putting it on, only to take it all off again. This ravishing line up will leave you with a raging rainbow-ner. Don’t miss this show!

The Tantric Method
Sunday 7 pm @ The Catnip Studio: A Disco Dive Pussy Palace Production
Bring a partner and explore techniques for the most ancient expression of human love and desire.

Perimeter Volunteer Orientation for the Temple Burn
Sunday 8 pm @ Lower Fraya Near the Temple
The Fire Safety team wants to remind you that they are always welcoming volunteers for the perimeter of the burns. Come to this fire safety orientation if you’re interested in participating during the Temple burn.

Movies on the Fraya
Sunday after the Temple Burn @ Lazer Lounge
Need a place to relax after the Temple burn? Come visit the Lazer Lounge (downstairs), for a vibrant cinematic experience. Please bring your own chairs, blankets, pillows, and cuddling buddy.

Gauntlet of the Jedi
Sunday after the Temple Burn @ The Deaf Star
If you feel worthy, pick up a lightsaber and step into the “Gauntlet” as our Rebel trainers test your sword wielding skills and your courage. PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELF!!!

Sunday Slow Down
Sunday after the Temple Burn @ The Saloon
Sunday at Freezer Burn is the time to get low and get slow. So come snuggle up with your friends and strangers to some sexy old school jams.

Ode to Boots BURN
Sunday after the Temple Burn @ Lower Fraya at Ode to Boots Art Installation
Join us after the Temple burn as we light fire to this art piece in honor of all those little paws and claws that graced us with their presence. (Please have any photos or memorabilia you wish to burn already in place by early evening.)

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