Event Registration

Do you have a soon-to-be legendary event that you are planning for Freezer Burn 2016: Myths & Legends? Bring it!!! Freezer Burn is a participant driven festival, so our shared experiences are rooted in what you create for our community.

So let your imagination run wild and blow our collective minds with your epic event. Together we can forge a festival for the history books! Register your events so that your tale is told in the What Where When and make sure the masses attend your mythic affair.

Let us know what event(s) you have planned for Freezer Burn 2016: Myths and Legends by submitting your Event Registration below. Be sure to keep your description less than 50 words for it to appear in the What Where When.

If you have any questions or you would like to make changes to your already submitted event, please email us .

Thanks for your submissions. See you on the Fraya )'(


Event registration is now closed. 



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