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*No public use of images is allowed without written consent.*

We value all forms of artistic expression.  Our community is also committed to a radically participatory ethic.  Therefore, Freezer Burn is not an event for spectators.  No one enters without a ticket.  Anyone is welcome to buy one and participate; we are radically inclusive.

Freezer Burn is a private event on private land and anyone wishing to capture images intended for public distribution are required to register their intent to capture images and or video and sign a usage agreement. Every submission is reviewed by the Media Team, which will provide written permission to capture images at the event. After the event, all content that is intended for public viewing must be reviewed by the Media Team prior to it being made public. The Media Team will then provide written approval and authority for your images to be made public.

While self-expression is highly encouraged, we must also be guided by our principle of Decommodification.  Freezer Burn images, video, and audio cannot be used in a commercial manner, or to promote any products, brands, or services. If the content you are capturing is going to be privately shown to your friends and family, you do not need to register as press. Any image use beyond personal, private use, must be approved in writing post-event before the image is made public.

Personal use cameras are permitted and do not require registration with the Media Team, or written permission. Professionals who have registered their projects and equipment with the Media Team using the current form will be given a personal media designation. This will help them gain back stage access and avoid situations where they may be asked to stop recording an activity. If the project requires crew to support the activities, they must register as well via the Crew Form. The Crew Form will be supplied directly to the organizer to distribute to their team members; after they submit the media application form.

If you have been granted media access, it is your responsibility to capture consent of those you have photographed or included in a video. The Media Team may ask for proof of consent before granting permission to display an image publicly.

You (the person capturing the media) are also responsible for obtaining clear and informed consent from the subjects in your imagery. If your image violates the privacy or other rights of another participant, you should not display it in any public manner. If you did not pre-register as a professional shooter at the event, you may apply for permission later if you or someone else wishes to make non-personal us of your images. You must obtain a written permission from the Media Team before the use is made. For all media inquiries, send an email to .

Freezer Burn is a place for Radical Self-Expression.

Do not assume that every participant is comfortable with photo/video documentation of their experiences.

If you are uncomfortable with your image being captured, respectfully let the person with the camera know. If you need help speaking up, ask for a Ranger.
If you need more info on imagery capture during the event, ask for a Media Team Member, a Ranger, or the Oracle.

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