Theme Camp Registration

Hello Burnt Freezers and Freezerettes,

REGISTRATION ENDS JUNE 1ST.  Time to let us know what crazy theme camps you have planned for Freezer Burn 2014. Fill out the survey as best you can. Be reminded that if your camp is a regular theme camp without a big sound system, this is the form for you. If you are a sound camp and are going to have people camping “upstairs”, fill out this form as well as the sound camp registration. Keep in mind we are trying to keep all camping on the upper deck of the festival with some exceptions for sound camps. 

Click here to Register Your 2014 Freezer Burn Theme Camp

If this form is too complicated for you, please email   for the popup version. Or if you need any questions answered, we can do that too.

Many changes are coming this year, and we’ll try to keep everyone happy, so don’t hesitate to contact us for specific requests or more details. Although for any complaints and/or threats please message, call and email Bud Morrison.

Regards, Mrs Peppers and Lazerbeam

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