The Low Income Ticket application is now closed. If you have any questions email .


  • Every participant, including volunteers, must have a hard-copy ticket and ID to enter the event. THERE IS NO WILL CALL. THERE ARE NO GATE SALES. 
  • There is a limit of 2 tickets per person from the entire ticket pool. Please allow others to plan their Freezer Burn early by only buying tickets that are immediately assignable to someone instead of buying an extra “just in case” and then releasing it back in to the pool shortly before the event. Every year, in the 2 weeks before Freezer Burn, there are always more tickets available through resale or gifting than participants who want them so there’s no need to panic and hoard. If you bought tickets in the live sale and try to buy more in the online sale, your money will be refunded and tickets cancelled.
  • Children 12 and under are free but must be registered (see below). A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18 at all times. 

1.  At the CASH-ONLY sale which took place on Sunday, March 19. A limited number of tickets were available. 

2.  By registered mail through the online sale. Regular-priced tickets are on sale through the link on this page until they run out. Regular tickets for everyone over the age of 12 are $170 plus fees and may be purchased with a credit card or through Paypal. Once purchased online, all tickets will be mailed out via registered mail. Although our ticketing site indicates a “Will Call” option, this option does not exist for Freezer Burn. The site doesn’t allow removal of that option during sales. There is no Will Call. There are no Gate sales.

3.  The Low Income Ticket Program (application is now closed). This program provides a limited number of tickets — while supplies last — to those who cannot afford a ticket at the regular price. Tickets are awarded to those who are best able to demonstrate need.  These tickets are non-transferrable and must be picked up at the gate upon entering Freezer Burn. Please email   if you have any questions.

SELLING or SEEKING TICKETS once regular tickets are sold out?  

The Ticket Information Exchange System (TIES) will help match ticket sellers with volunteers who need tickets. If you have tickets that you’re not using, this is a great way to ensure they get placed with volunteers who need them. To buy a resale ticket through this program, you must be signed up as a volunteer. If you’re interested in selling your ticket, please email for information. NEVER sell your ticket on sites such as Kijiji or Ebay. Doing so may forfeit your future right to purchase tickets.

BRINGING YOUR KIDS? Good! Freezer Burn is a family-friendly event. You’ll need to know this:

Children 12 years of age and under are free but must be registered before the event. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians must sign a waiver for each person under the age of 18 at the gate and must supervise any minors at all times during the event. Please send an email to to let us know about any children that will be attending.

Got your ticket? Great! KNOW THIS:
    • You must agree to the Freezer Burn Terms and Conditions outlined in the indemnity waiver.
    • All ticket holders will be required to sign an indemnity waiver upon entry to the event.
    • You MUST have your ticket with you to get in to Freezer Burn. Identification is required with your ticket at the gate.
    • Participants without tickets or identification will be turned away at the Gate.
    • If you choose to sell or gift your ticket you must NEVER sell it for a price above face value or use sites such as Kijiji or Ebay. Email for names of people who are willing to buy. 

If you have any questions please email . We would love to hear from you!