Welcome to the official website for Freezer Burn. Freezer Burn is an annual Alberta Regional Burning Man celebration. We create a temporary community out on the prairie to strengthen our ties with old friends and to forge friendships with newcomers to the Burning Man experience. 

 Our Mission is to welcome and educate new Participants in how to participate in our Alberta Burning Man community and to prepare them for the playa by sharing and demonstrating our core principles. It is to inspire great art and participatory art. And it is to reconnect with the Burning Man community that we love in a safe and happy environment.

We bring our art and culture to life through donations!

In 2017 we donated $1000 to the Ponoka Animal Shelter and $1000 to Burners Without Borders. In the past, we’ve donated to the art program at the high school in Ponoka, Burners without Borders and Black Rock Solar. Check out the details HERE.

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