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HoneycombThe 2015 ART GRANT application process is now closed as of April 15th.

Promoting artistic expression is one of the most important aspects of the Burning Man experience.

Naturally, we promote Radical Self-Reliance, but we understand that artists can sometimes use a helping hand. To that end, we will once again make a number of grants available to help you make art happen at Freezer Burn.  If you would like to apply for one of the grants, please fill out the following form.

Important Information:

Awarded applications will be responsible to actually bring their ART to Freezer Burn 2015. They must also submit all receipts used for the ART project and submit a project budget.

We are aligning our Art Grant guidelines with those used at Burning Man. This means we are changing what we will and will not fund with this grant. Please review these changes before submitting an Art Grant Application:

 What we do fund:

  • Interactive or visual art to appear anywhere at Freezer Burn –  For example, we will consider funding interactive or visual art pieces that will be displayed at a sound stage or theme camp (or anywhere else at Freezer Burn) but we won’t fund the infrastructure or activities there
  • Burnable art
  • Art related to the theme, and art not related to the theme
  • Mobile art – we will support Mutant Vehicles

 What we do not fund:

  • Activities or performances (this is different from previous years)
  • DJs and amplified sounds
  • Domes, tents, teepees or stages
  • Personal outfits and costumes
  • Theme camps
  • Food, alcohol and travel
  • Anything illegal in the province of Alberta. While Freezer Burn is a private event, we are still governed by the laws of the province of Alberta.

 The ART GRANT application process is now closed for 2015.  Applicants can expect to start hearing back from our team around April 22.

If you have any questions about art or wish to submit a more detailed application, please email . We’re so excited to hear from you!

Thank you for your contribution through active participation and for wanting to help co-create a fantabulous space for all of us to experience and explore! Thank you for making Freezer Burn a beautiful place!

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