Art Grants

2018 brings exciting changes to ART GRANTS!

Every year, the ARTery helps bring your creative ideas to life through Art Grants. Read this full page for details and to find links for Art Grant Applications. If you have any questions, contact .

Promoting artistic expression is one of the most important aspects of the Freezer Burn experience.

The ARTery provides art grants in the hopes of encouraging new and experienced artists to share their gifts and talents with our community.  We’re looking to expand our community of dreamers, tinkerers, creators, performers, musicians, poets, builders, community leaders, daredevils and weirdoes.  Help us by applying for an Art Grant and adding your voice to our Burning Man community.

We want to fund dynamic, interactive art that adds to the experience of Freezer Burn Participants.

What do we mean when we say interactive art?

Interactive art could be an object or a performance which:

  • requires external human interaction to be complete or
  • prompts people to interact with one another or
  • responds to Participants and to its environment or
  • provokes actions or
  • inspires the participation of others in the art piece or performance itself

What type of art does this include?

MEDIA ARTS: Includes but is not limited to: Film, Video, Animation, Teleplays, Sound Art, Immersive Audio & Video Works

VISUAL ARTS: Includes but is not limited to:  Crafts, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Dance, Theatre, Interactive Installation,  Sculpture & Mutant Vehicles

Of course, any mix of both is highly encouraged and we LOVE any art that has an elements of fire!


Our aim is to support as many artists as possible and, in doing so, we want to help you write the best possible grant. We judge grants against the following criteria:

Project Interactivity – How interactive is your project?

Ten Principles – Does it incorporate any of the Ten Principles? If so, how many?

Overall Community Benefit – How many community members will get to enjoy the project, and for how long?

Viability of Implementation Plan – Is your budget, schedule, build plan, crew size, and assembly/teardown plan sensible? Can you deliver the project you’re proposing in the timeframe stated?

Clear MOOP Plan – Does your project have a clear and actionable MOOP plan (a plan for any matter-out-of-place)? Don’t know what MOOP is? Go here.

Value for Money – Is your project a “How did you get that all done for that little?” or a “We’re paying how much for this?” type of project?

Emerging Artists – To diversify the grants, artists who are first-time applicants are given a slight preference.

Budget Clarity – Your budget is clear and well thought out, contains sufficient detail to evaluate the project, and does not attempt to inflate the costs of the project in order to increase the % grant coverage.

Please note that applications are accepted until 11:59pm on the date specified. Late applications will not be considered. Rounds and closing dates are subject to change so please check back regularly.

We offer a variety of art grant streams to better suit the diverse needs of our creative community. If you have any questions, please contact the Art Grant Lead at: .

We also promote Radical Self-Reliance. Although our role is to support artists through financial contributions we are not responsible for fully funding your art piece. As such we encourage you to seek additional financial support for your project as we cannot guarantee full or even any funding. As some of you may know, in the past we’ve had more demand for our grants than supply. Projects that showcase initiative in finding additional funding will be viewed more favourably.

Thank you for your contribution through active participation and for wanting to help co-create a fantabulous space for all of us to experience and explore. Thank you for making Freezer Burn a beautiful place!

If you have any questions about art, please email .



THE BIG BERG: Large Scale Art Projects (Open until March 15)

This grant is aimed towards supporting the creation of large-scale, interactive art projects at Freezer Burn. Click here for more information.


ROARING TUNDRA: Sound Stage Art Grant (Open until March 15)

This grant is aimed towards supporting the production and operation of sound stages at Freezer Burn. Stages are required to operate according to the sound policy for the entire event.  Click here for more information.                                                         

THE WOLF PACK: Medium Scale Art Projects (NOW OPEN!)

This grant is aimed at supporting the creation of medium-scale interactive art pieces for Freezer Burn. Click here for more information.

RETURN OF THE YETI: Returning Art Projects (NOW OPEN!)

This grant is open to projects that have been funded by the ARTery before but need funds for additions, upkeep, and refurbishments. Click here for more information.

ICE CUBES: Micro Grants (NOW OPEN!)


This unique grant supports Participants in creating and gifting activities, performance pieces, and interactive gatherings in an effort to foster and develop community at Freezer Burn. Click here for more information.



This grant is aimed towards empowering our younger Freezer Burners to create activities, performance pieces, and smaller-scale interactive art for Freezer Burn. This grant is open for participants under the age of 18. Click here for more information.