Participate: VOLUNTEER!

Everyone, including all volunteers, must have their hard copy ticket to enter Freezer Burn. Tickets go on sale in the spring.

Freezer Burn is 100% run by participants who volunteer their time. There is something for everyone.  We need you!

Here’s how to get involved:

  1.  Read this page for role descriptions and contact info.
  2.  At the bottom of the page, click on “Click here if you believe you can lead a team” to apply for a Team Lead role. The general volunteer form  (“Click here to volunteer for Freezer Burn”), is used to apply for all other, non-lead positions, including onsite opportunities. That form will open shortly.
  3.  If you need help, contact .

Here are some of the teams that may need your help:

Effigy and Temple Builders needed!

To apply to build our Effigy or Temple for this year’s event, please fill out and submit this Google Form.

ARTery: Read all about it on THIS PAGE

Gate: Members of the Gate Team will be the first people participants meet when entering the property. All business, they take tickets and give out wristbands. Most shifts are 2-3 hours long. Contact Gate Leads at .

Greeter: The Greeter station is where the celebration really starts. Participants know they’ve finally arrived when hugs and spanks get delivered. Greeter shifts are 2-2.5 hours long and are a great opportunity to meet lots of excellent people. Being a Greeter is a good choice for anyone participating in Freezer Burn for the first time. For any questions, please contact our team leads at .

Leave No Trace (LNT):  LNT is one of our most important principles and an important role for anyone looking to spread the ethos of Burning Man. Members of this team will help educate participants about strategies for leaving the Fraya in better condition than before we arrived. We’re also seeking a team to stay an extra day and do a sweep of the ranch to remove leftover MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). If you’d like to know more, email our team leads at  .

Effigy Build:  The Effigy Team may be seeking volunteers for build days in the time leading up to the event. Keep watch on social media for announcements or send an email to to find out how you can help.

Temple Build:  The Temple build team will call out for volunteers on social media in the months leading up to the event. Please email to find out how you can help.

DPW (Department of Public Works):  We’re seeking pre-event volunteers to set up the Fraya and to build the First Response infrastructure. If you can’t come early, the DPW still has positions for you. During the event, DPW is in charge of getting people and their vehicles in the right spots. Parking and placement shifts are 4 hours long and can be done with a friend. For any questions, email London at .

Ranger:  Rangers are the non confrontational mediators that help keep an eye out for everyone at Freezer Burn. Their shifts typically run 6 hours long and they work in pairs. Duties range anywhere from helping lost children find their parents to responding to emergencies and helping get appropriate resources to the scene. Ranger training is required to be a member of the Ranger team at Freezer Burn. To contact the team lead or find out about training send an email to .

Fire Art Safety Team (FAST):  Most members of the FAST team will help create a perimeter for one of the burns. We’re seeking volunteers for the Effigy and Temple burns where shifts are short but critical to the success of the event. If we don’t have enough volunteers, we don’t burn the art. Team members may also help out with propane art effects inspections, safety orientation for fire performance artists, responding to hazardous materials emergencies, or working with artists for burnable art installation ignition and burns. Got questions? Contact .

First Aid:  We’re happy to announce that Freezer Burn will have paid EMS workers for most of the event. We still require a few volunteers to help with early entry and exodus. To be a member of the Freezer Burn First Aid Team, you must be able to work a 6 hour shift and have your CPR/First Aid certificate up to date. If you have any questions, email .

Sound Marshall – Keep the peace by keeping the music at a level we can all enjoy.

Oracle: Oracles are the information station for Freezer Burn, answering questions for participants. They are also the First Response “nerve centre”, managing radios and being the central dispatch between Rangers, First Aid, Sanctuary, Gate, Producers, and the House. Oracle shifts are 4-6 hours long with no overnight shifts. If you have any questions, contact the Oracle Lead at .

Sanctuary:  The Sanctuary is a positive, mental health safe space for anyone who is overwhelmed, needs a break from the event, or needs someone to take care of their body while their mind is away. Volunteers for Freezer Burn Sanctuary are required to take the Sanctuary/PsyCrisis First Aid Course and shifts are 4-6 hours long. Contact  to find out about training dates in Edmonton and Calgary, or if you have any questions.

Use this form for general volunteer opportunities, including onsite shifts (form will be open closer to start of ticket sales):

If you want to get even more involved in the planning of Freezer Burn, that would be awesome too!  If you’ve got what it takes to Lead one of our teams, fill in this form:


Need more info you say? Send an email to .