Freezer Burn 2024

June 20-24

What is Freezer Burn ?

Freezer Burn is our annual Alberta Regional Burning Man celebration where we create a temporary community out on the prairie to strengthen our ties with old friends and to forge friendships with newcomers to the Burning Man experience.


Freezer Burn is 100% run by participants who volunteer their time, effort, energy, and skill. Our event requires the contributions of over 300 volunteers. This is what makes Freezer Burn so awesome - it is the combined efforts of our community culminating in a prarie-based Burning Man experience. Be a part of it!

News and Events

Freezer Burn Writing - Cinders - Cover Image


Freezer Burn Writing - Cinders

writing by Celene

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Freezer Burn Writing - Horizon - Cover Image


Freezer Burn Writing - Horizon

Writing by Julie Newell

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Freezer Burn Writing -Phoenix - Cover Image


Freezer Burn Writing -Phoenix

Writing by Julie Newell

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Freezer Burn Writing- Liminal - Cover Image


Freezer Burn Writing- Liminal

Writing by Celene

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What you need to know about Media! - Cover Image


What you need to know about Media!

What You Need to Know About Media

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Volunteer- Fire Art Safety  - Cover Image


Volunteer- Fire Art Safety

This is your friendly neighborhood Fire Art Safety Team and we want you!!

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