Accessibility means ensuring our event can be attended and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of physical, mental or alternate restrictions. These barriers often go unseen and your input is required to build a community that is welcoming to all. The Producers of Freezer Burn are working on an Accessibility Strategy to identify the obstacles specific to our participants and venue, and develop a plan to overcome them.

Two main obstacles of accessibility that have been identified are lighting and transportation. At night, our event is quite dark and we continue to advise all participants to practice radical self- reliance to illuminate themselves. We are also working to ensure that our pathways are better lit for all travelers by dedicated lighting, facilitated by our DPW team.

Golf carts can be used as an aid to assist participants with reduced mobility up and down the hill. Please bear in mind golf carts have other primary duties and the golf cart shuttle service is provided as possible. Summoning an available golf cart can also be facilitated by either finding a Ranger or other team member with a radio, or by calling Ranger Oracle through one of our Blue Call boxes. Accommodations will be made should a participant wish to bring their own golf cart. The Producers recognize that this is not an ideal solution for everyone, but we are continuously building on the idea of how our Accessibility Team can better interact with our community, and we hope to many have more solutions for many more upcoming events. 

Let’s celebrate the years of experience we have at this event! Adding more lights to general pathways, widening and flattening our Sparkle Pony Trail that connects the Grove to the main field, adding accessible washrooms, and providing opportunities of transportation for participants that have reduced mobility. These are only a few of the steps we have recently taken to try and increase accessibility at Freezer Burn, but we are always welcome to more ideas.

We feel that opening channels of communication, overcoming limitations, and then implementing work projects together will create a solution-oriented mindset of Radical Inclusion.

If you would like to share your experience, or have ideas on how we can increase accessibility at Freezer Burn, please contact us at

Please note, that while we seek to eliminate mobility challenges for all participants, once the rain starts, the roads and paths can become impassible to all manner of vehicles including our golf carts. Use that self reliance to bring the rain gear you need to enjoy those wet hours. Please also note that all of our participant driven motorized devices (carts, scooters, one-wheels etc) require simple registration with the DMV.