Freezer Burn - THANK YOU to all artists!

Grants are now 100% awarded. Check your e-mail!

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From The ARTery/Art Grants teams... :heart:Artists, Workshop creators, Fun Distributors and Food Makers! Thank you so much for your pARTicipation and patience with the new systems. Let us be the first to say how excited we are to marvel at the art, co-create with you in workshops, have a laugh at the bonkers and brilliant stickers and gifts you have come up with and delight in the delicious food gifts you will create!Humans of Freezer Burn, you have out done yourself this year!

If you have applied for a Micro or Kids grant, check your email (inbox/spam/junk) for correspondence regarding your grant.

Thank you again from Glamazon, Stephanie and a future thank you from the participants of Freezer Burn

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