Freezer Burn - Accessibility Announcement

To address Radical Inclusion, we have created an Accessibility Committee for Freezer Burn. There’s already been some discussions around this and what a challenge the hill is for many participants. And

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It’s important to note that “accessibility” isn’t limited to the physical realm. Barriers can be experienced by those with physical, visual, auditory, social, cultural, and economic limitations to list a few.

We also want to be accommodating to those who show up in a cast/sling/crutches, etc.

Our goal is to gradually create spaces that are more welcoming. The chair lift has been discussed, even T-bars! Unfortunately, that’s a long way off. There are some solutions already in the works though to make things better. For those who’ve said they’re not coming this year because of accessibility, I’d like to ask, that you wait to see what we come up with before you make your final decision.Radical self-reliance does not mean individuals need to solve these problems themselves, but we do need to hear from people who face barriers to participation so we can brain storm how to mitigate them.

So please reach out to us and share your experiences, stories and suggestions!

We will be creating a database of your feedback. It would be very helpful to hear what is the cause of your accessibility challenges (some people have mentioned COPD, difficulty walking, poor vision after dark, etc), the obstacles you face (the hill!) and possible solutions. I’d like to hear both realistic solutions and pie-in-the-sky ideas! Maybe we can take inspiration from the fantastical.Then in late April, we would like to host a meeting with those who’d like to attend to share the information we've gathered, continue to brainstorm and see what ideas we can come up with. Please contact us at