Freezer Burn - Are you planning to attend Freezer Burn with your children this year?

Would you like to camp with other parents and children in a space that has been developed with children in mind? If yes, please consider joining us at Kidsville!

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If you would like to camp with Kidsville at Freezer Burn 2024, please submit the google form at the following URL by April 14th 2024:

Please let us know if you would like to camp with Kidsville even if you don't have your tickets yet. We need to know how many people to set aside room for. 

Kidsville is a long-standing theme camp at Freezer Burn that encourages friendships amongst families & parents. We offer a space that allows parents a kid friendly area to play and participate within a radically expressive environment. Kids can play, and parents can relax knowing it is less likely kids will stumble upon behavior parents may have to explain. ;)

We also have a Facebook group that all Kidsville participants are encouraged to join titled ‘Freezer Burn Kidsville’.

Hope to see you on the Fraya,

Your Kidsville 2024 Co-lead Kyle Maclean aka Ranger Mazer