Freezer Burn - ARTery grants and deadlines!

Calling all artists, makers, creators, and gift givers!

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The ARTery has tried to make the build time for your creations a bit easier this year. We’ve extended the length of the application period for all grants as well as adding additional time for artists to get their receipts in after Freezer Burn. We do recommend anyone hoping to apply for a grant to make note of the closing dates of each grant, these dates are firm and cannot be extended.

Art Grant applications for Big Berg and Roaring Tundra opened January 15th and close on March 1st.

This is to give our artists access to funding sooner and to give more build time for these large projects. Approved grants could anticipate receiving their advance funding as early as end of March. We are hoping this will help our artists with the creative process.

  • The Big Berg (Grants up to $3000 with possible 50% advance payment)
  • Roaring Tundra (Sound Stage grants up to $2000 with possible 50% advance payment)

Applications for Wolf Pack grants opened January 15th and close March 31st.

Return of the Yeti applications will open February 20th and close April 30th.

  • The Wolf Pack (Medium art grants up to $900)
  • Return of the Yeti (Returning art upgrades grants up to $300)

Starting February 20th, both the Ice Cubes micro grants and the Mighty Puffins kids grants open for applications and close on May 12th.

  • Ice Cubes (Micro grants up to $100)
  • Mighty Puffins (kids grants up to $100, for participants under 18)

The ARTery Team is very excited to report that, for the most part, the new grant application system implemented last year was a success and we are hoping this year goes off without a hitch. As always, if you have any questions about the process or any other grant-related questions, please feel free to reach out to Stephanie at

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