Freezer Burn - CALL FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Freezer Burn 2024 Official Sticker Designer Needed

One person will be selected to create the official Freezer Burn 2024 sticker.

 · 1 min read

Submit your graphic design portfolio and/or sticker ideas/mockup to by May 1 to be considered. One person will be selected to create the official Freezer Burn 2024 sticker. 

All candidates will be notified of the results by May 5th and the selected candidate will have until June 8th to create their design. We will use this design to print 4" round stickers for every Freezer Burn participant.

As with all Freezer Burn roles, this is a volunteer position and comes with the sweet satisfaction of creating something unique and memorable for our community. As you can tell, we're trying something new this year! In the past, multiple artists spent their valuable time creating complete sticker designs when only one design could be used. This doesn't feel respectful of the runner up submitters' time and creative efforts. So this year, we're asking for general concepts and ideas from people who are capable of creating a sticker design if they are chosen. This way, they can spend their energy creating something awesome that they know will be used and appreciated.

Team SWAG looks forward to meeting our 2024 Sticker Designer - is it you?