Freezer Burn - DMV Deadline

The Freezer Burn Mutant/ Motorized Vehicle deadline is fast approaching!

 · 1 min read

Be sure to register your Mutant or Motorized Vehicle before June 1 2024, 11:59pm.

To ensure participant safety, ALL motorized vehicles being used at Freezer Burn (outside of entry and exodus) are considered Mutant or Motorized Vehicles and must be registered in advance, and meet the onsite inspections required.

Mutant Vehicles 

include (but are not limited to) Art cars, well decorated personal golf carts, hand-built powered cycle contraptions, Lawn chairs with treads etc.). 

Motorized Pleasure Craft 

include but are not limited to one-wheels, gasoline or electric bikes, segways and other lower powered “get-arounds”. 

Motorized Mobility Crafts 

While we understand that these may be part of a normal life, they must also be registered through the DMV, and will need to also apply for day and night licences. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Department of Motorized/ Mutant Vehicles.