Freezer Burn - Do you have have an art burn or flame effect that you would like to bring to Freezer Burn this year?

The Freezer Burn - Fire Art Safety Team (FB-FAST) is excited and looking forward to helping you bring fire to the Fraya this year.

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We ask you to notify FB-FAST of your art piece as well send in a draft of your submission documents by April 15th, 2024 11:59PM to freezerburnfiresafety@gmail.comIf you have a flame effect, the deadline to register your art piece is May 15th 11:59PM. Please see the freezer Burn website at art burns please include in your submission document the following information:

Name of artist?

Burner name?

Preferred name?

Phone number?

Email address?

Scenario – this describes the “what” and the “how” of your project.

Burn Plan for art burns – this lays out the “when” and “how long” of your fire art burn.

Diagrams and Schematics – these include technical diagrams of your art burn and/or flame effects or other special effects, and layout plans of your art installation and your project’s base camp.

Safety Plan – how you will ensure the safety of crew and participants?

Emergency Response Plan – how your crew will respond when things go wrong despite your safety plan?

Leave No Trace Plan – how you will ensure that no trace of your crew or your artwork remains after the event?If you have any questions, please message us at or find on the website the Art Burn Fire Safety Guidelines, Art Burn Approval process and required documentation Guidelines, and Art Burn fire safety agreement. If you can't find it on the website, please email us and we will send you the guidelines and agreement to assist you in bringing fire to Freezer Burn.Looking forward to seeing all your amazing fire art ideas,


""Please and Thank you

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