Freezer Burn Writing -Phoenix

Writing by Julie Newell

 · 1 min read

Viewing the Phoenix, she was overwhelmed with wonder and curiosity.

The mystical bird, rising majestically from the sunbeams, felt special.

Katrina captured this photo on a quiet, lazy afternoon at Freezer Burn, an afternoon she had spent with friends exploring scattered artwork. On the whole, this moment was ineffable, yet the feeling of inspiration was unmistakable. She felt a surge of creativity as she marveled at how the sun's rays perfectly framed the Phoenix, enhancing its beauty without overshadowing it.

For her, this experience was a personal testament to the exciting evocation of nature and art, symbolizing the unique and transformative experiences that Freezer Burn offers. The theme of "Phoenix Rising" resonated deeply with her, conveying a message of rebirth and transformation.

Since her first Freezer Burn in 2015, she has been drawn back by the phenomenal people, the stunning location, and the promise of new adventures. Each year, she looks forward to reconnecting with old friends and discovering the latest artistic expressions.

For new burners, her advice is simple: embrace the moments that ignite your creativity. This year, she is eager to see the new art installations and to once again immerse herself in the welcoming embrace of this extraordinary community.

photography by Organized Kat

writing by Julie Newell