Freezer Burn Writing - Horizon

Writing by Julie Newell

 · 1 min read

As the sun dipped below the horizon, she felt an overwhelming sense of magic in the air.

This was her first night at Freezer Burn, and the atmosphere buzzed with possibilities. Standing there, she felt genuinely happy to be back in this incredible place. The moment was perfect, filled with wonder and a profound sense of belonging. She knew she had to capture this feeling, as it represented more than just a single evening; it was a testament to the beauty and spirit of the Freezer Burn community.

Since she started attending Freezer Burn in 2019, she has come to cherish the sense of community that draws her back year after year. The wonder and beauty she feels here embodies the essence of what makes Freezer Burn so special.

For new burners, her advice is simple: while capturing moments on your phone can be wonderful, don't forget to put it away. Disconnect and be truly present in these magical moments.

This year, she is most looking forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new friends, embracing the endless magic that Freezer Burn has to offer.

photography by Cindi Lee

writing by Julie Newell