Freezer Burn - Seeking Alberta Rangers

Hello Burners! On Behalf of the Alberta Rangers, we are putting out the call early for volunteers for Freezer Burn 2024!

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Whether you are looking to volunteer for your first ever shift or have been a Ranger for years, we are very excited to welcome anyone interested in participating in the Ranger team. At this moment in time, we are gathering contact information for anyone interested and there will be more information to follow in the coming months.

So, what to expect? All Rangers are required to complete training prior to the event. This training will help you navigate situations you may encounter during your shift.

  • All new and returning Rangers are required to complete the online Black Rock Ranger training each year. This training will be available near the end of March and we will send further communications (with instructions) on how to find and complete this training when it has opened.

  • Every second year, in-person training will also be required. This training will cover different scenario examples for dealing with various situations as well as basic radio use etc. That being said, volunteers are more than welcome to attend this training every year if they want a refresher.

If you have made it this far and volunteering as a Ranger still sounds like a good fit for you, please send us your email so we can add you to the communications list! For more information, please visit the Rangers Team Page.

Thank you very much and we can’t wait to see you at Freezer Burn 2024!

Freezer Burn Ranger Leads

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