Freezer Burn - Sold Out - TIES Launched

Freezer Burn is now sold out

 · 1 min read

Freezer Burn sold out, so if you were procrastinating on your ticket purchase you waited too long!

There are some tickets for sale by individuals but PLEASE BEWARE scammers! 

See the FAQ at the bottom of the Ticketing page for some tips to buy and sell between individuals.

For example: Tickets cannot be sold for more than face value!

Don't want to risk it? TIES!Not to worry, we are launching the TIES (Ticket Information Exchange System) for secure ticket exchange. If you have a ticket to sell, please fill out the form.

If you are looking for a ticket here is the place to register for one.

TIES tickets will be awarded to those who have registered to buy as they become available.

Preference is given to potential buyers who have/ want a volunteer shift. Among those, preference is given to those who have/want to volunteer for a Ranger shift.

TIES registration form here