What is a Mutant Vehicle?

A Mutant Vehicle is a unique, motorized creation that shows little or no resemblance to their original form, or to any standard street vehicle. Mutant Vehicles are radically, stunningly, (usually) permanently, and safely modified from their base vehicle. Sometimes the whole vehicle is made from scratch. And sometimes, they are just a necessity for mobility and accessibility.

All motorized vehicles being used on the Fraya (outside of entry and exodus) are considered Mutant Vehicles and must meet the onsite inspections required. Mutant Vehicles include (but are not limited to) Art cars, Mobility vehicles (work trucks, personal golf carts, mobility scooters) or Pleasure craft (one-wheels, gasoline or electric bikes, segways, etc). Each Motorized vehicle requires its own registration. The DMV may decline a license to a vehicle if there is a demonstrable safety concern

Rules of the Road

To get a DMV License:

  1. Submit a mutant vehicle application
  2. Participate in a vehicle examination

Driving Rules at Freezer Burn:

  • Only drive vehicles licensed or allowed to drive in Freezer Burn
  • Vehicle must have good working brakes
  • Operators MUST be sober
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Abide by all applicable federal and Provincial laws, including all open container laws (no open containers within reach of the driver)
  • Drive at a speed of 5 mph or less (less if in hazardous situations such as tight crowds)
  • Give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency services vehicles
  • No driving in pedestrian-designated areas
  • Stop immediately upon being hailed by any Freezer Burn Team member, Ranger, or law enforcement officer
  • The vehicle design should have sturdy side railings and stair railings (if applicable)
  • There should be no sharp or protruding objects
  • Having a fire extinguisher and First Aid kit on board is highly recommended
  • The vehicle should have a safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers
  • For vehicles that are large or in instances where the driver does not have a clear view of the front and back of the vehicle, walkers/spotters must be used at all times when the vehicle is in motion
  • Follow all driving instruction after weather events
  • Obey sound policies
  • Abide by additional guidelines set forth by Freezer Burn Production Committee

Rules of the Road

Do you have mobility assistance needs for your time at Freezer Burn?

Mobility and Pleasure crafts are allowed at Freezer Burn, but must also be registered through the DMV, and they must also apply for day and night licenses. Mobility and Pleasure Craft CANNOT have Flame effects. Mobility and Pleasure crafts can always be decorated, but that must not exceed the ability of the device to perform the duties that they are intended for (if it is used for mobility for example, a occupant must be able to easily get in and out). Both are also allowed to have amplified music, but music must not exceed what would be considered a normal car stereo Wattage & volume level.

  • Submit a mutant vehicle application
    • All Licensed Mutant Vehicles may receive a day licence, and/or a night licence.
    • Mutant Vehicles granted night licences must be RADICALLY illuminated. This requires far more thought and implementation than running lights and a few blinkies. The vehicle should cause people hundreds of feet away to be aware of your presence.