Welcome to the Leave No Trace (LNT) page for Freezer Burn. As one of the Ten Principles of Burning Man, beyond being a basic human consideration, leaving no trace is a key to maintaining the relationship between our event and the private land owner. Our venue is a working ranch and a family’s livelihood depends on our ability to leave it in better shape than when we arrived.

MOOP = Matter Out Of Place

MOOP Includes all garbage, recyclables, feathers, glitter, broken styrofoam, or anything else that was brought in and is not part of the natural landscape. We strive to leave no MOOP behind which is why we ask that you leave feather boas and styrofoam coolers at home.

Everyone is Responsible

Every participant is expected to practise LNT. Garbage and recycling receptacles are not provided throughout the event; you must bring your own. Even though there is a team dedicated to cleaning up and restoring the site, the responsibility for leaving no trace falls squarely on you, the Participant. It is your responsibility to ensure that you pack out everything you packed in. Never let it hit the ground! If you see something on the ground, pick it up. If you see someone drop something, see to it that they are reunited with their stuff whether it’s a piece of a costume or a cigarette butt.

The objective of the LNT Team is not to clean up after you. Rather, the objective is to have everyone enjoy themselves in such a way that there is no mess to clean up afterwards. It’s also to leave any place we visit in better shape than when we arrived. The ideal LNT Team operation is for us to set out, garbage bags in hand, and find nothing.

Playa Practice

Freezer Burn is practice for the big burn in the desert, so “playa rules” are in effect. Even though certain practices may seem okay in a grassy field in central Alberta (e.g. throwing your apple core into the bushes, disposing of grey water by dumping it on the ground, or discreetly peeing on the ground behind your camp), these practices are NOT OKAY on the playa and therefore are NOT OKAY at Freezer Burn.

What is your LNT plan?

What do you plan to do at Freezer Burn? How are you going to do it without leaving a trace?

Here are some things to consider: SMOKERS – What are you going to do with your cigarette butts? Have a canister ready. Mint tins are a great option. Better yet, bring a couple extras to gift to your fellow smokers. Have an empty coffee tin at your camp for when visitors need to butt out.

CAMPERS – Do you plan to brush your teeth or wash dishes? Cook with water? Where do you plan to spit or put your grey water when you are done? It must not be dumped on the ground. Empty water cooler jugs with a funnel in the spout are great for this purpose. You can cap them and carry them out when you leave.

NIGHT TIME TRAVELLERS – Where are those glow sticks going to go? Are you going to be able to keep track of them if you are just hanging on to them in your hand? Have an effective way of attaching them to yourself. Keep a large ziplock bag in your backpack or pocket for random trash.

DRINKING FROM A CAN? Keep an eye on each other. If you see someone’s drink receptacle hit the ground, call him out. Who’s got the blue bag? Every camp should have one.

HAVE YOU ASSIGNED LEAVE NO TRACE DUTIES IN YOUR CAMP? When you have an agreement to keep your camp clean daily, you’ll have little to clean up at the end. All campmates should do a sweep of your camp before you leave the site. The LNT Team publishes a MOOP map after every Freezer Burn. If your camp fails to Leave No Trace more than once, you may be denied future Theme Camp privileges, or worse.

You get the idea…

It’s a seemingly infallible rule of human behavior. MOOPing begets MOOPing. The more people MOOP, the more people will think it’s okay to do so.

If you have any innovative ideas or would like to contribute, please email freezerburnLNT@gmail.com.