LPG Appliances include:

Store-bought UL-approved: patio heaters, fire pits, lamps and lanterns, cooking units and other unmodified UL-approved LPG appliances (these are not considered “flame effects”). Propane BBQs, stoves, and cooking units do not need to be registered but we ask you to follow the safety guidelines included in the Propane Fire Pit and Appliance Guidelines.

LPG Appliances include:

These inspections can uncover small problems with the items being inspected or even with the area it is being used in and help the operator identify areas of concerns that may have otherwise been overlooked. FB-FAST has jurisdiction over all such appliances, and any request from FB-FAST personnel to secure, relocate, or turn off any such appliance must be accommodated. An approved operator must be present while the Propane fire pit or appliance is operating

Precautions must be taken to ensure that anything that should not be set on fire (fabric, stage sets, participants, etc.) is kept away from flame.

All propane tanks must be stored in a manner in which it cannot accidentally fall or be knocked over.

A fire extinguisher shall be located near the operator.