Theme Camps

A theme camp is a group of participants who create a collective space based on a central theme, following the criteria listed below. Any camp registered as a Theme Camp will receive assigned placement for their camp.

Theme Camps

Do I need to create a Theme Camp to participate in Freezer Burn?

No, you can show up and camp out in the designated free camping areas outlined on the event map.

So, why would I want to create a Theme Camp?

It’s one of the best ways to meet other participants and gift your time to enrich the collective experience. Theme camps can be as small as one person sharing their chill space (their gift back to the community) or a collective of 70 persons or more working together to create something awesome like a sound stage or a piece of art. Whatever your camp chooses to give back is up to you, be creative!

What if I’m new and want to join an established Theme Camp?

Well first of all- WELCOME! (heart) We suggest practicing Radical Self-reliance and make a post on the Freezer Burn page on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook but want to stay in touch, join Alberta’s Regional Burning Man community discussion list by sending a blank email to

Ok! I want to plan a Theme Camp. How do I do it?

It’s never too early to start planning. For starters, you’ll have to decide who you’d like to plan with, come up with a theme, and then fill out the Theme Camp Application at the bottom of this page.You will need to gather the following criteria for your application/ here are some things to consider when forming a theme camp surrounding the responsibilities of becoming a theme camp:

  • Camps should be visually stimulating, have an inviting design- frontage- can be decorations, lighting or of course ART! ART- if you have old art projects that have been retired or you want to show off PLEASE use it in your frontage. The MOAR art the merrier!! MOAR!!! Extra Bonus if it is interactive for the wanderers.
  • Have a plan for crowd management.
  • Radical Inclusion- please remember as a theme camp- welcome and respect the stranger.
  • Camps must be interactive. They should include activities, events, or services within and must be available to the entire community. Camps can operate day, night, or both!
  • Being respectful of your neighbors- keeping sound within set limits- please refer to the sound policies
  • Controlling where generators vent exhaust (DO NOT vent next to a tent or sleeping space!), and having safe fuel containment practices. You will need a fuel storage safety plan for FAST to approve. Easily resolving any boundary disputes (though you can call on anyone from placement to help if need be).
  • Theme Camps must have a safety plan that includes proper handling and storing of all liquid fuels, gasoline or diesel, as well as spare propane tanks. FB-FAST asks that your fuels be stored in the shade with liquid fuels inside a secondary container (example: a gas can in a storage tote) to prevent spills from contaminating the ground as well as plans to prevent spills while refueling. If you have any questions on this point please email FB-FAST at
  • If your camp will have any propane effects or any propane heaters or fire pits- you must have a safety plan that you can communicate with FB-FAST PRIOR to the event. You will also need to have FAST inspect your propane effects/ heaters/ firepits prior to your initial use on site. If you have any questions on this point please email FB-FAST at
  • Camps must have a good previous MOOP record (returning camps). As well as a good solid LNT plan and designated camp contact. If you fail the MOOP inspections completed at the end of the event- it may affect your camps eligibility for future placement for 1-3 years. You can learn more about LNT found here:
  • Theme Camps must provide the following: 2 valid email addresses for a main contact of your theme camp, as well as a secondary main contact of your theme camp. You must also have a dedicated LNT (Leave No Trace) contact as well as a dedicated FAST contact- this means someone in your camp who is the main point of contact if LNT or FAST have questions for you beforehand or on site.
  • You will need a WWW guide description- usually 50 words or less.
  • Theme camps must create a map/ floor plan layout of your space. Measurements- Please do not take more space than you need. Theme Camps that consistently overestimate their space requirements may have issues or be limited on space allotment the following year. You can hand draw your map, or create it in word, excel, smart draw/ any program of your choosing. Your map MUST have the following information: Overall dimensions, dimensions labeled in meters, an outline of all buildings/ tents/ trailers showing how you intend to use the space you are requesting, label the frontage/ space that will be offered for public enjoyment- and don't forget to include your mutant vehicles (Art cars) parking space if you have one. Pro Tip- your travel trailer measurements do not include your hitch or your slide outs- leave approx 0.5 meter space for each of these
  • You must know your total population for your application so make sure to get that head count!
  • If you are planning on gifting any alcoholic beverages or marijauna based products- you must have a plan in place for a lockable storage to store items while you are not active in your gifting. As well a plan for crowd management and ID checking.
  • If you are planning on gifting any food- consider safe food practices- wash your hands and wear gloves.
  • Camps must follow safety protocols designed by the organization, including traffic management, proper handling of fuels, and all other protocols set out.

Ready to apply to be an official Theme Camp?

Click below to apply before April 17th at 11:59 pm. If you have questions about becoming a theme camp, please email All Villages must apply under the villages application. All theme camps must provide a floor plan/ map of their camp layout outlining all equipment/ trailer/ rv’s, tents and common spaces ect immediately after completing your application below please!