The Accessibility Team is the newest team in the Freezer Burn roster! Over the years, we have heard that the lack of accessible accommodations have caused people to not attend Freezer Burn event and we need to fix this. The Accessibility Team will be driven by participant input on how to identify and mitigate these barriers.

Please reach out to us and share your experiences, stories and suggestions! The Accessibility Team will be be creating a database of such feedback and will be devising plans to help overcome these obstacles. We would also find it helpful to hear what is the cause of your accessibility challenges, the obstacles you face (like the hill) and any possible solutions you may have. We would like to hear both realistic solutions and pie-in-the-sky ideas! Maybe we can take inspiration from the fantastical.

What we do

With the feedback from participants, we are working towards making Freezer Burn accessible for everyone. We’re introducing a bus route in our first year! We are working with individuals to gain a greater understanding of what barriers to accessibility exist and how they can be overcome. Some things are done on a large scale, others can be addressed discreetly on an individual basis. It’s totally understandable to not want to be singled out or have more attention drawn to a private situation.

Team Dynamics

This is an evolving team and very much a do-occracy. We’re looking for responsible drivers and people to let us know what’s needed. We are guided by you!

Radical self-reliance = doing what you can to help yourself. This means communicating to us what you need. 

Civic responsibility = you don’t have do everything on your own. Let us help you figure out the logistics.

Number of Volunteers

12 Drivers

Shift Length

Driving shifts: 3 hours

Pre-Event Tasks

  1. "Bus Stop" Bench builds will be ad-hoc and will happen in the months leading up to the event. Reach out to if you’re interested in construction. No experience or tools necessary. 
  2. The Bus Benches will need to be constructed at Freezer Burn on the early entry Wednesday. 

Event Tasks

Require sober drivers with a current drivers license to volunteer driving a gas powered golf cart for 3-hour shifts.

Post-Event Tasks

Leads - complete After Burn report.

Recommended Training

  • Up to date Drivers license.
  • There will be Driver’s Training on Thursday. The Accessibility Lead will reach out to you to schedule this

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