The conclave team is a group of fire performers, Safeties, and a Shin (the team lead) that put on a 15 minute fire show prior to burning the effigy on the Saturday night. 

What we do

Coordinate and produce a 15 minute long choreographed fire performance before the FAST team ignites the effigy.

Team Dynamics

The Conclave team is typically broken into 4 different roles; The Shin (the team lead); The Choreographer(s) who are responsible for choreographing portions of, or the entire show; Performers who are the trained fire spinners who perform in the show and the Safeties who are responsible for keeping an eye on the performers and extinguishing props. The Conclave team works closely with the Ceremony Team, The FB-FAST team and the performing artists.

Number of Volunteers

1 safety for every 4 Performers (max)

Shift Length

The Shin (the team lead) has at least a dozen hours of prep before recruiting performers and safeties. This involves finding co-leads, securing rehearsal space, deciding on the theme of the show, communications with the producers, etc. Then they recruit performers and safeties for the team. There could be (6) 2 hour long rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the event and there is a 2 hour rehearsal before the show on Saturday night prior to the effigy ceremony. The show is about 15 minutes long.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Shin)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Shin)
  • Communications with the producers (Shin) 
  • Communicate with the Media Lead to ensure photo/ video coverage of performance (Shin)
  • Show design (Shin) 
  • Securing rehearsal space (Shin) 
  • Some choreography (Shin)
  • Music selection (Shin)
  • Recruiting performers and safeties (Shin)
  • Rehearsals (Shin)
  • Costume selection (Shin)

Event Tasks

  • Ensure all performers have made it to the event (Shin)
  • Rehearse on-site before the effigy burn (Shin & Performers) 
  • Make adjustments to the show if group members were no shows or weren't sober and had to be cut. There are often last minute issues that have to be dealt with before the show can go on (Shin)
  • Communicate with FB-FAST and/or Ceremony Lead when to begin
  • After the performance, we have to clean up our stuff and clear the area for the effigy ignition (Shin & Performers)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Debrief to make improvements for next year (Shin & Performers)
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Shin)

Recommended Training

General Fire Safety

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