Department of Mutant Vehicles

The DMV team is responsible for helping participants bring their Mutant Vehicles to the event and ensuring that they are safe for use on the Fraya. The DMV team plays a crucial role when inspecting the vehicles to ensure that they meet certain safety standards and are compliant with the rules and regulations of the Freezer Burn.

What we do

Mutant Vehicles can be made from scratch or heavily modified from an existing vehicle. They are often designed to be visually stunning and unique, with many featuring elaborate decorations and themes. Some Mutant Vehicles are also built for accessibility and mobility purposes, making it easier for individuals with disabilities to navigate the terrain.

Mutant Vehicles are an important part of the Freezer Burn event, providing an opportunity for participants to express their creativity and imagination while exploring the grounds. The DMV team works ahead of time to process registrations for Mutant Vehicles and mobility vehicles before the event begins. Once on site, your team meets with the registered vehicle operators to conduct safety inspections and go through waivers. This process helps ensure that all vehicles on site are safe and compliant with event regulations.

Team Dynamics

The Team can have 1 or 2 co-leads alongside a couple more volunteers that help out on site. This team works closely with the Placement Team (to ensure adequate parking is available at camps), the Ranger Team (to deal with infractions), and sometimes the Sound Marshal (should a mutant vehicle have a powerful stereo system).

Number of Volunteers

1 minimum, 5 maximum

Shift Length

1-2 hours a week pre event, 4 hours on site estimated

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Review all Registrations that come through our Web based registration (Leads)
  • Communicate with Mutant Vehicle operators (Leads)
  • Communicate with other parties that may need to be involved (FB-FAST Inspections, Sound Marshal, Placement, etc) (Leads)
  • Create a schedule for onsite inspections of registered Mutant Vehicles(Leads)

Event Tasks

  • Perform the On-site inspections, involving Sound Marshal, FB-FAST Inspections, etc (Leads & Volunteers)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

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