Effigy Build

An effigy is often a sculptural representation of a person, and in most cases, there is an emphasis on the social and political aspects of the depicted person. However, given the variety of goals and expressions fostered by all of our participants, our effigy does not have a single focus, but a much larger one - and that is community. Build it, Burn it, Share it. 

What we do

The Effigy Team begins seeking volunteers for build days in the early days leading up to the event, and most often the build will be in one city or another (Calgary or Edmonton). Right from the start, the Effigy lead will also have the opportunity to work with the Freezer Burn Fire Art Safety Team (FB-FAST) to make this a large piece of burnable art. Early entry days are available for the weekend before the event to set up and assemble the effigy on site, and then come show time on Saturday, the Effigy team works closely with FB-FAST to safely burn it down. 

Team Dynamics

Skilled tradespeople are always handy when it comes to building something large. Especially if they come with their own tools. The build team typically works together in the pre-event days, and then on-site. A key number of the volunteers are still required to maintain the piece and ensure it is safe up to burn time. The Effigy team works closely with FB-FAST, Finance, Perimeter and the LNT Team.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 4, maximum 20

Shift Length

Variable pre-event. 2 hours on site minimum

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Create a vision for the man (Leads)
  • Build experience not necessary, but considered a bonus (Volunteers)
  • Work with the FB-FAST Ignition team from day 1 (Leads)
  • Build weekend on site happens the weekend before the event (Leads & Volunteers)
  • Communicate with the Media Lead to ensure photo/video coverage of Burn ceremony (Leads)

Event Tasks

  • Maintain the structure as needed (Leads & Volunteers)
  • Prepare the effigy for Burn night, coordinating with FB-FAST (Leads)
  • Work Perimeter shift as members of the Perimeter Team for Burn night (Volunteers)
  • Cleanup on Sunday and/or Monday, coordinated with LNT (Leads & Volunteers)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Coordinate with Media Lead to ensure photo/video material is shared to Freezer Burn social media (Leads)
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

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