FB-FAST Ignitions

The Ignitions Team is the group of pyros that are responsible for the ignitions of the individual Art burns, the Effigy Burn and the Temple Burn. These specialized individuals know their Fire. 

What we do

Utilize authorized pyrotechnics (F.3), igniters, initiators, special effects powders, gelled fuel, pyrotechnic powders, and other techniques to ensure a safe ignition of the Effigy, Temple, and Art burns.

Team Dynamics

FB-FAST assigns a pyrotechnic lead for each burn project, who is responsible for working with the artists, planning and executing the ignition, and completing all appropriate paperwork for that burn. These pyrotech leads are under the supervision of the special effects pyrotechnican or most senior pyro on site who ultimately signs off on each ignition. FB-FAST is an environment to learn and grow skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Number of Volunteers

5-6 per art piece; 7+ volunteers for Effigy and Temple ignition

Shift Length

The total number of volunteer hours varies depending on how many burns each volunteer chooses to work. Each burn time varies depending on the size and complexity of each structure. Effigy and Temple shifts run from approximately 6pm to perimeter drop. "Pyro School" is the yearly initial on-site meeting for the Ignition Team. It is an event that runs during the first few days of Freezer Burn in which all Pyro Ignition Team members are required to attend.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Plan Effigy and Temple ignitions
  • Plan Art Ignitions
  • Coordinate with FAST, Finance, and Perimeter Teams
  • Purchase pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic accessories, and safety equipment
  • Repair pyrotechnic equipment

Event Tasks

  • Attend "Pyro School"
  • Build ignition devices (Certification required)
  • Apply Accelerants (Leads)
  • Coordination with Perimeter Lead; Coordination with FB-FAST Lead (Leads)
  • Utilize pyrotechnics according to the Special Effect Pyrotechnics Manual (Certification required)
  • Apply creative destructive techniques to bring a swift end to structures (Leads)
  • Under the supervision of the special effects pyrotechnician create special purpose pyrotechnics (Leads)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Complete Explosives Regulatory Division Logbooks
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

Recommended Training

  • Required: Fireworks Operator Certificate (Pyrotechnics) at the level of: Pyrotechnician, Senior Pyrotechnician, or Special Effects Pyrotechnician Certification issued by National Resources Canada
  • Required: Certification required if handling E-Match, Pyrotechnics, or other improvised devices requiring certification

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