FB-FAST Inspections

Our Fire Art Safety Team (FB-FAST) Inspections team performs all of the propane inspections during the event to ensure participant safety. These propane inspections encompass the Mutant vehicles, stages, and art projects equipped with propane flame effects (poofers) and camps with propane fire pits or other propane appliances.

What we do

The inspections team works with artists to ensure their Mutant vehicles, stages and art pieces that incorporate propane flame effects do so following a high degree of Safety standards. Reviewing artist’s flame effect documents prior to the event and inspecting the art pieces for the standard safety components and operations are some of the things the inspections team does at Freezer Burn to further ensure Safety.

Propane fire pits and appliances (heaters, patio lanterns, etc.) operated safely do not present the same level of danger as open wood fires do but they are still a significant hazard when operated in such a flammable camping situation. From drapes and tarps to fun fur and frilly dresses, fire safety and the risk of fire spread in the camping area is a discussion the team loves to have with participants while inspecting camps with propane fire pits and appliances.

Store bought CSA approved BBQs, stoves and cooking units are exempt from requiring inspections but operating them and storing the propane tanks safely is all participants responsibility. 

Team Dynamics

The FB-FAST inspections Lead will have a small team of reliable and experienced volunteers and follows the leadership of the FB-FAST Lead(s). The folks who volunteer on the team are good with people and usually have experience with gas fitting, pipe fitting or millwright experience. The inspections team works closely with the DMV Lead, the placement team, and the ARTery team.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 4, maximum 8

Shift Length

Estimated 15 hours pre event, 4-6 hours onsite

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Communicate with the DMV, ARTery and Placement teams for information on any participants bringing Propane devices. Standard Propane stoves and standard Propane Barbeques are exempt, but Larger or “self made” barbeques will still require inspection (Leads)
  • Utilize and advertise the Portable Propane Fire Pit (PPFP) Registration Form on the Freezer Burn website (Leads) 
  • Create a process or schedule for onsite inspections (Leads) 
  • Communicate with all parties involved in the Inspections, for example Camp leads, Art leads, Team leads, etc (Leads)
  • Review all flame effects to ensure they meet the standards of the following: NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code) and NFPA 160 (Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience)

Event Tasks

  • Attend an on-site safety meeting with FB-FAST Lead (Leads & Volunteers) 
  • Perform all propane related inspections on site (Leads & Volunteers) 
  • The FB-FAST inspections team registers larger propane tank locations on site to help the fire department in case of an emergency.

Post-Event Tasks

  • Record and report what worked well, and what did not. Success and failures. This information must go to the Freezer Burn Fire Art Safety Team (FB-FAST) Lead before August 1st (Leads & Volunteers) 
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

Recommended Training

Recommended experience with gas fitting, pipe fitting or as millwright

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