FB-FAST Rapid Intervention Team

Our FAST Rapid Intervention team is a close knit group of NFPA 1001 and 1051 certified firefighters who bring our firefighting gear and expertise to make sure all of the art projects are safe for participants during the event, and that they don’t light anything else on fire when they burn.

What we do

Our team is there to help our Freezer Burn teams and artists take into account all of the emergencies that could happen with or on their art pieces including collapse from wind, spilling of fuel, and fire spread during art burns. Our RIT team also assists with any of the fire and HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) related emergencies prior to and during the event. 

During Art burns, the RIT team stands-by in fire turnouts and safety gear to make sure the structure collapses to a safe height and the fire doesn’t spread to the environment, nearby structures, or participants.

Team Dynamics

The FB-FAST RIT and Safety Lead will have a small team of reliable and experienced structural and wildland firefighters that follows the leadership of the FB-FAST Lead(s). The people who volunteer on the team are NFPA 1001 or 1051 certified and are able to bring their PPE with them to Freezer Burn. The RIT and Safety team works closely with DPW, Rangers, and the ARTery team.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 2

Shift Length

2-4 hours onsite (Depending on how many bring gear to the event)

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Work with artists and camps to ensure they have Fire safety plans in place

Event Tasks

  • Set-up fire extinguishing stations throughout the camping area that participants can use in case of a fire or a HAZMAT spill 
  • maintain Spill location items during the weekend. 
  • The team works closely with the land owner and local fire department to try to prevent anything that isn’t supposed to burn from burning. 
  • We also make sure participants are storing liquid fuels in safe primary and secondary containment devices.
  • Provide fire support to the Effigy burn
  • Provide fire support to the Temple burn

Post-Event Tasks

  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

Recommended Training

NFPA 1001 and 1051 certified firefighting

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