Our Finance team is here to ensure that Freezer Burn is financially sustainable! Not only do we pay all the bills and set the team budgets, but we also look at the bigger picture to ensure that the event (and the art) can show up year after year.

What we do

We work with all of the teams, including but not limited to the Producers, the LEA (The League of Extraordinary Albertans), artists and vendors for each event to understand the scope of funds available. We will then set a limit for spending and request or offer timely payment as needed. We keep track of all the movements of money in and out of the Freezer Burn bank account and report back to the LEA. We hold all contributors & vendors financially accountable.

Team Dynamics

We are usually a team of two that work together in both bookkeeper & accountant roles. Regular contact with the Producers helps us to stay up to date on the event timeline as it pertains to budget contracts, and anything else that requires a payment to or from the organization. We also work closely with the LEA to facilitate payments outbound and to confirm monies received.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 1, maximum 3

Shift Length

The Finance team is a year-round position as needed. The new event budget process begins in January, and the financial close-out for the finished event is in September/October.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Creating the event budget (Leads)
  • Working directly with Producers, LEA, Art Grant Finance team and team Leads 
  • Help the Leads get multiple quotes and provide vendor information as needed 
  • Regular meetings with Producers and leads for support and updates
  • Coordinating all vendor and art grant payments with LEA 
  • Provide accounting for ticket sales and art grant donations and all Freezer Burn financial aspects 
  • Creating and sending out Budget Agreements to team leads

Event Tasks

  • During the event our tasks are dancing, looking good and having all the fun!! 
  • We also have a couple of small financial obligations - but mostly we are free during the event!

Post-Event Tasks

  • Pay everyone who has submitted their receipts!! This includes sending payment requests to the LEA for art grants, team leads spending, and final payments to vendors
  • Review actual spending compared to budget and work with Producers to determine allocation of any surplus funds for donation, LEA and community programming
  • Write the AfterBurn report
  • The last task is to finalize the year's financials, close out the books and present them to the LEA board for approval. Once this is done, then the financial report is then posted to the Freezer Burn website, and released to the public

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