The Greeter station is where the celebration really starts. Participants know they’ve finally arrived when they reach this point of their entry.

What we do

Greeters are the fun after the seriousness of Gate, and welcome everyone back to the Fraya. Each greeter team brings their own special shine to welcoming everyone Home, but the main tasks include helping people find where they are camping, handing out stickers, getting “Virgins” to ring the bell, explaining Consent (and giving consensual welcome hugs), and helping parking authority by putting time stamps on vehicles as they enter. 

Greeters set the tone for Freezer Burn, by being welcoming and inclusive, letting their unique colours shine and encouraging everyone else to do the same! You get to see lots of faces as they come in, which means it's a great volunteer team for people new to Freezer Burn! Chances are, you’ll see all those smiling faces again on the Fraya soon enough!

Team Dynamics

The Greeter team is stationed at the entry of the event area and typically has two or three co-leads that all work together to share the responsibilities. There are 4-5 people per shift which means you get to work in a larger, social volunteer team! It is also a flexible team offering the ability to pick up multiple short shifts or making it ideal for only one shift. Most shifts run from Gate open to Gate close - not overnight and not super early (10am-10pm, except Burn night which ends earlier). Did we mention it's an easy way to make new Fraya pals? You can also get a group and volunteer with your friends (all the while having a blast participating, and being part of what makes FreezerBurn great!)

Number of Volunteers

minimum 40, maximum 80

Shift Length

Maximum 4 hours - short and sweet!

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Attend training session (Volunteers)
  • Read through the Greeter Handbook (Volunteers)
  • Set up the Greeter station: the first Greeter shift is on Wednesday to welcome all the amazing people who arrive for early entry (Leads)
  • Create a schedule for the volunteer shifts (Volunteers)
  • Coordinate with DPW for a pop up tent, table, and at least two chairs (Lead)

Event Tasks

  • Be an amazing Greeter (Volunteers) 
  • Show up on time and be orientated by the greeter team finishing their shift. Figure out who is giving out parking time stickers, who's best with a map, who loves getting the virgins out of their car and ready to ring the bell (Volunteers)
  • Welcome and greet everyone who arrives at Freezer Burn (Volunteers) 
  • Educate people on consent (Volunteers) 
  • Keep a tally of new attendees (Volunteers) 
  • Coordinate with gate if anyone needs to drive up the hill (Volunteers)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Final greet shift is tear down: take down the pop up, return the table and chairs to DPW (Volunteers) 
  • Make sure the Greeter area (and surrounding area) is free of any MOOP (Volunteers)
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

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