The Position Pirates, The Arrangement Arseholes, The Location Legends, AKA Placement team is making sure everyone gets where they need to go, finds a place to camp, and that it all fits onto the footprint of the land. We map, direct, and guide theme camps and participants to the most functional, and safe landing space on the event grounds for their needs.

What we do

Our team is involved in everything revolving around theme camps and placement. We process allllll of the details for theme camps and art placement, help to create the layout and the map of the city by collecting theme camps applications; as well as placing ARTery art and non art grant pieces. We can also be found driving around with a golf cart and checking for: vehicles with proper land passes, or any vehicle blocking public roads and check up on bar storage. During the event we will also take on having to squish folks in if needed and adjust camp spacing as needed on the fly. 

Team Dynamics

The Placement team typically has 2-4 co-leads that share the responsibilities, and a small team of hardcore volunteers for early entry for staking out the city. This requires dedicated individuals that are willing to work (rain or shine) on the early entry days mapping out the physical city. Placement works closely with FAST, DPW, Signage, ARTery, WWW Guide and even the Sound Marshal teams.

Number of Volunteers

Minimum 16; Maximum 32

Shift Length

Early entry pre-event shifts: Typically 10-12 hours. During the event shifts: Typically 3-4 hours per shift.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Work with finance to establish placements budget agreement for each event (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Receive and work through all theme camp applications (Leads)
  • Create the event map in coordination with information from the Art team (Leads) 
  • Intake, organization, and mediation on theme camp space issues (Leads) 
  • Collating safety information for camps and art pieces (liquor storage) (Leads) 
  • Theme camp communications (Leads) 
  • Volunteer organization/ shift scheduling and training (Leads)
  • Early Entry: Marking Theme camp, art and sound stage locations on site and measuring out/ flagging all of the spaces for any remaining pieces of art (Leads & Volunteers)

Event Tasks

  • Theme camp checks for- booze storage, propane fire pits (call fast if not stickered), as well as handing out associated stickers for passed inspections.
  • Bar checks- one drink from each bar you pass (if you drink and the bar is open), confirm safe bar storage and ID checks and hand out our tax the rich or responsible booze daddy stickers to each bar owner.
  • Parking / vehicle checks- asking non sleeping vehicles to go to parking or asking any vehicles that are parked in road ways to relocate to maintain clear road access.
  • Enjoying the art along the way as you drive around in your golf cart
  • Stake pulling- separating stakes from survey tape. Bagging accordingly- rip it all out. 
  • Tracking and dispersing free camping space as required; Check ins with greeters on available Free Camp Space.
  • Adjusting camp space on site as needed and having folks squish up to their neighbours if needed. 
  • Inventory and repacking supplies up to the sea can for post event storage. 

Post-Event Tasks

  • Work on absolutely killin’ the game (Leads & Volunteers) 
  • Write an afterburn report (Leads)

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