Looking to dedicate half of your waking life to organizing and producing our event? If you are interested, be sure that your loving partner is aware that this is an Endeavor that will devour your free time, test your patience and put you at (near) wits end. It's a lot of work, but you know what? The greatest reward for all this hard work is bringing our community together and seeing you all live, laugh and love! (Complete with chic haircut!) 

What we do

Event production is about managing the activities prior to our event, which includes (but is certainly not limited to) finalizing event dates, managing budgets with our financial team, hiring security, and more. Production is essentially the project management of an event and includes coordinating registrations, managing Team leads, and resolving any onsite conflicts that arise. In short, we create the blueprint for Freezer burn and we see the plan through to execution. We like to think that it is always better next year, but it didn't stop us from trying THIS year.

Team Dynamics

The Freezer Burn Production Committee (or Producers) is a sub-committee of the League of Extraordinary Albertans. For best results, we find that a dedicated (DEDICATED) team of 4 works best so that we can evenly distribute the 30-odd teams that make up the Volunteer pool. Each producer represents and works with a group of these teams to ensure the success of our event.

Number of Volunteers

4 Production Committee members, Mentees welcome!

Shift Length

Volunteer shift length (in hours): 11 months of weekly meetings, and the time it takes to complete allocated action items.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Engage in weekly Production meetings (Starting in October)
  • Monitor the dedicated email (allll winter)
  • Select a date for the event 
  • Confirm with landowner (always a good idea)
  • Work with the Finance team to create budget for approval
  • Call out and organize Team leads
  • Arrange land owner and vendor contracts (security, EMT, potties, etc)
  • Create the Theme voting process
  • Arrange Ticket Art process
  • Provide Team Leads a meeting at some point early in the new year
  • Coordinate with team leads as necessary
  • Create Temple and Effigy Applications
  • Ensure all documentation is up to date (ever ongoing)
  • Engage in a Town Hall
  • Provide Calgary and Edmonton with a Live ticket sale
  • Coordinate regular communcation with Team leads
  • Plan Plan Plan!
  • Be present for the Site restoration day in advance of the event
  • Be present for the Temple/Effigy build weekend in advance of the event
  • Panic Panic Panic!
  • And then just like that, its Early Entry!

Event Tasks

  • Hustle around "all crazy-like" doing everything all at once (as needed). There's a reason why we get golf carts...
  • Support our Team leads (as needed of course - They got this!)
  • Respond to emergent issues (as needed nut hopefully not needed)
  • Look good and rope in all the doers ~ See ya next year!

Post-Event Tasks

  • Continue to engage in a few more weeks of weekly meetings. 
  • Each producer will write an AfterBurn report (we make You do it, why not us?)
  • Close the Budget for the year with the Finance team (Yay!)
  • Compile the Team AfterBurn reports and provide to Burning Man Project before October
  • Update the website with Financial report and AfterBurn reports
  • Finally... Get some sleep
  • Oh wait! Begin planning for next year!

Recommended Training

Previous experience as a Freezer Burn team lead

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