Ever wander around Freezer Burn and think that you are lost? We do it all the time, but with our handy dandy street signs, we might be able to help orient you and get you back on track! Check out the street corners and use the map in the WWW to get your bearings! 

What we do

We have the fun of figuring-out the street names for the year once the event theme has been chosen! It is then up to our team to think up and design the most creative signs possible, and then figure out how to put them up at the event. Our street signs are the one thing that we expect year after year to get “stolen” from the event (but please, not until Saturday night at least!)

Team Dynamics

One main lead wrangles the smaller volunteer team of builders and crafters. The crew is also the team that fastens the signs on site. 

Number of Volunteers

minimum 3, maximum 5

Shift Length

Estimated 45 team hours pre-event (design and build), 4 hours during early entry to place signs.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Conduct a poll survey for street names (Leads)
  • Make the year's signs (Leads & Volunteers)

Event Tasks

  • Early entry: put-up the signs (Leads & Volunteers)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Remove remaining signs (Leads & Volunteers)
  • Write AfterBurn report (Leads)

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