You need a ticket to get into the event and this team is the one that makes that happen.

What we do

From the time Production sets the price to the time the Effigy burns, Ticketing is there making it happen. This team calls out for ticket designs, gets the hardcopy tickets printed, gets the online tickets organized, takes in applications for Limited Income tickets and connects applicants to the independent vetter, sends out directions a week before the event, and answers A LOT of emails from hopeful/ confused/ desperate people looking to get answers. 

Team Dynamics

Where the money comes in and the participants get their ticket to play! This team typically has one lead or two co-leads, and one additional lead for the Limited Income tickets. The Limited Income process utilizes a third party “reviewer” so that none of our Community members see personal financial material. One or two more volunteers may offer assistance through the process, and the Ticketing team usually has a few volunteers for the Live Ticket Sale dates.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 2, maximum 6

Shift Length

1-2 hours a week, for a couple months pre-event

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Majority of tasks occur pre-event, so this is a busy time
  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Work with Production to set ticket design (Leads) 
  • Print tickets for live sale, work with online ticket platform (Leads) 
  • Answer emails emails emails. Participants will be emailing about tickets or directions to the event right up until the Effigy burns (Leads) 
  • There is an established system for Limited Income that is mostly organizing the incoming applications and connecting them with the independent vetter, then connecting the approved ones with their LI ticket (Leads)

Event Tasks

  • Troubleshooting ticket issues at Gate (Leads) 
  • Answer emails. Yes, still (Leads)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the email around November to January for confused people emailing about the regional Texas event also known as FreezerBurn (Leads)
  • Write an AfterBurn report (Leads)

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