Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteer coordination team is the backbone of our event and collects all the responses from our participants that want to get involved with one of our teams or another. We essentially organize the teams and work to ensure all of our volunteers are registered on our site and know how to sign up for shifts.

What we do

We prioritize finding the best fit for volunteers while maintaining open communication with our Team leads and the Production Committee. This will helps ensure a positive and productive volunteering experience for everyone involved.

Our VC team encourages our volunteers to create a profile on the Freezer Burn website and then familiarize themselves with the sign-up process. We like to provide clear and concise instructions when it comes time to create your profile to help minimize confusion. This user profile helps streamline the volunteer scheduling process.

In addition to these primary functions, we find that it is helpful to have a system in place for ongoing volunteer opportunities throughout the event. This can include providing hopeful volunteers with a designated point person for questions or concerns as well as conducting regular check-ins to ensure all of our volunteers are comfortable and fulfilling their duties effectively.

Team Dynamics

Our Volunteer Coordination team has a clear distribution of duties and responsibilities that divide the workload amongst team members. This helps ensure that all aspects of the volunteer management process are handled efficiently and effectively. Our lead coordinator helps guide and mentor other coordinators to ensure consistency in the volunteer management process and to recognize opportunities for learning and growth for all of the team members.

Number of Volunteers

minimum 2, maximum 4

Shift Length

Estimated 2-4 hours per week, starting in March

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • Coordinate with Producers for a “returning leads” call out
  • Change all the passwords on the Freezer Burn email accounts
  • Create a new master document with all of the Team leads
  • Create communications regarding volunteer call outs
  • Monitor the volunteer intake and provide clear and up to date communications with all team leads regarding new volunteers added to the team(s)
  • Coordinate volunteer snacks and beverages for on site
  • Coordinate a volunteer table in the First Response location

Event Tasks

  • Set up a table for the on-site volunteer signup
  • Attend the volunteer appreciation party (and offer a thank you speech)

Post-Event Tasks

  • Write an AfterBurn report

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