We’re a group of technology enthusiasts, working together to solve pre and post event problems with online technologies. Sometimes, to look cool, we create the problems, then later fix them while pretending it was really hard.

What we do

Ask people if they tried turning it off and on again. Occasionally we code in JavaScript, but mostly we chew our fingernails waiting for users to complain. We hates the user. We fear the user. The websites run on Linux. Once we figure out what that means, we’ll probably need someone to support it. We test a lot of things, sometimes even the website. Mostly we test the producer’s patience. Pretty much any sucker can test, so tell your grandma to volunteer.

Team Dynamics

We consider ourselves an autonomous collective for tax reasons, but if the “man” is asking, we have one lead and have no shifts.

Number of Volunteers

Perhaps five slackers, but we could get away with two hard workers.

Shift Length

We usually work in pairs, late at night, with liters of Mountain Dew Red Alert. At the event itself, you’ll find us wandering aimlessly without any scheduled shifts.

Pre-Event Tasks

  • Monitor the dedicated email (Leads)
  • Join and utilize the Production Communication Platform, example: Slack (Leads)
  • We don’t publish our backlog of tasks, but it’s long.  
  • Try out all features on the website to find things that don’t work right.
  • Don’t even ask how many bugs we have to fix.  
  • Seriously, why is someone accessing the website using a Motorola Razr!?!

Event Tasks

  • GOTO Volunteer shift length

Post-Event Tasks

  • GOTO Pre event
  • Write AfterBurn report

Recommended Training

HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, Linux

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