Freezer Burn - Art Grants now Open!

This just in from Art Grants!

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This just in from Art Grants!

Hello Freezer Burners,

(Hold onto your baby wipes, because this is really going to fill your diaper!! PEW PEW !!!)

I am as shocked as you are to announce that the Freezer Burn 2022 Art Grant Applications will be open on March 1st! That's right, as of this Tuesday you can submit an application for an art grant for Freezer Burn 2022!

*Please note that at this time we are NOT opening up the Micro-Grant stream. We have been given fewer funds than in previous years and would like to prioritize more substantial art-based projects. If our financial situation changes we will of course open up this stream. Thank you for understanding.

You can find the applications at the following link

The application deadlines are different depending on the art grant stream, so don't be lazy and READ THE FINE PRINT. Accepted applications will be notified by April 22nd with the exception of the Mighty Puffin grant stream (kids grants) which will be notified by May 2nd.

As always please review what we will and won't fund under each grant. And remember that we cannot guarantee, nor are we responsible for, fully funding your project.

It goes without saying, so I’m going to say it; applications are only accepted from people who will actually BE at Freezer Burn 2022. So get a ticket fool!

If you have any questions regarding Art Grants please contact Tukk & Glamazon the ARTery Co-Leads at

So go build some stuff so we can BURN IT DOWN!! (PEW PEW)