We're leaping forward! Save the date. Freezer Burn 2023 June 22 to 26
Original photo courtesy By Paul Holloway from Leeds, United Kingdom - Steeplechase, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Heck yeah, it's on! We have officially begun planning Freezer Burn 2023: June 22-26. Keep in mind it is unofficial so far but the dates have been reserved for our little event to take place. And thats the hardest part, right?!? Whew!

Now we just have to do ALL THE REST OF THE WORK. Seriously, the only thing we know so far is the date we are throwing this shindig. All the details that make the event run are coming up, like volunteering, tickets of any sort, Team Leads, portapotty reservation, event insurance, budget, art applications, LEA application, Regional Status from The Big Burn...... you know all the details that need to be confirmed to start the actual planning that makes an event run? Yeah they are still in the works. Do you wanna be part of it??? Heck yeah you do! Watch this space for your chance to join in.

But go ahead and mark your calendar now. We are doing this again!