Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy 

Revised: Apr 2023

Purpose of the Amplified Sound Policy

Amplified sound is an integral part of Freezer Burn. Artistic expression through the medium of sound is highly encouraged and appreciated by the Freezer Burn community and planning team, provided it does not threaten the event as a whole. Unfortunately, the cumulative and far-reaching effects of sound can potentially endanger Freezer Burn's continued presence at any particular location. This sound policy is designed to protect the artistic freedom enjoyed by participants and promote the sustainability of Freezer Burn as a whole. 


Chief Sound Marshal 

Freezer Burn volunteer(s) responsible for educating the community about why the rules set forth in the sound policy are important, making sure that pre-event sound testing occurs to set initial maximum sound levels, organizing the volunteer Sound Marshals, designating and filling sound marshal shifts during the event, and performing any other actions necessary to carry out the sound policy. 

Deputy Sound Marshal 

Freezer Burn volunteers and minimum of 1(one) member of the registering sound stage who are trained to understand sound propagation and who are entrusted to monitor amplified sound levels, ensure participants are not violating the sound policy, educate participants about why certain sound maximums are necessary at any given time, and enforce the sound policy as necessary. These individual(s) are sound experts and are the first stop for sound related questions. 

Amplified Sound System

Freezer Burn defines an Amplified Sound System as any set of speakers larger than a bluetooth speaker. They can be found at Sound stages, Theme Camps, or on Mutant Vehicles. They project sound to a large area and require additional oversight to manage sound bleed to areas where it may not be wanted. Amplified Sound Systems range from large PA (public address) systems found at sound stages to single loudspeaker systems used to broadcast voices, announcements, sound effects, music, or other sound at theme camps and on mutant vehicles.  

Personal Area Sound

Personal area sound is classified as sound that cannot be heard more than a theme camp away. This sound is usually sourced from a device like a bluetooth speaker. Personal area sound is used to enhance ambiance at theme camps outside of the hours where amplified sound is permitted. It is not meant to be an invitation to a theme camp but rather to enhance the environment for participants already in attendance. If this sound is heard from a distance, you will be required to reduce the levels. This is to ensure that participants in surrounding camps can relax, sleep, or converse without being overwhelmed by sound from other camps whenever possible. 

Sound Pressure Limit (SPL)

Numerical level developed from onsite testing. A specific SPL will be in effect for the entire event; it is ultimately determined by the Chief sound marshal(s) and Freezer Burn Production team. Each sound stage will have a set max limit that if exceeded may result in a suspension of their Sound Permit.

Sound Sponsor 

The official registrant of a sound system and the individual ultimately responsible for its use. The official Sound Sponsor may pre-select two representatives authorized to act in their stead. The sound sponsor or one of their representatives must be readily available any time the sound system for which they are responsible is in use. They are responsible for ensuring that any community member using the equipment is doing so within the guidelines set forth and agreed upon in the Freezer Burn sound policy. 

Sound Release Form 

Signed form required of every Sound Sponsor prior to setting up equipment. Failure to sign this release form will result in the sound source being barred from the event. Signing the release acknowledges that the Sound Sponsor has read the sound policy, understands the terms and conditions of sound use, and agrees to comply fully with the sound policy. 

Sound Camp Registration Form 

This is to be filled out online BEFORE May 10. This begins the chain of communication between the Sound Marshal and Stage Sponsors. This helps the Sound Marshals and Placement Team organize the Freezer Burn Map. 

Sound Permit 

Paper "license" issued to Sound Sponsors authorizing the use of amplified sound. Obtaining a sound permit requires the following: a sound system is inspected by the Chief Sound Marshal(s) who approves its placement and orientation; the Sound Sponsor is informed of the system and/or device's maximum SPL and they know how to measure it; a marker is placed outward from the face of the main output source and cannot be removed for the duration of the event; the Sound Sponsor reads the current sound policy and agrees to comply with it fully by signing the sound Release Form; the valid Sound Permit is displayed conspicuously and in proximity to the sound system at all times of operation during the entirety of the event. The Sound Permit is revocable by a Sound Marshal at any time. All sound permits become null and void during any and all emergency enforcement procedures. 


Freezer Burn's conflict mediators who facilitate the resolution of community disputes. Rangers are empowered to act in the place of a sound marshal should one be unavailable. They also work in conjunction with Sound Marshal(s) to enforce the sound policy as necessary, or resolve issues due to external (outside Freezer Burn) sound complaint(s) or internal (within Freezer Burn) sound complaint(s). 

Sound Policy 

No Freezer Burn citizen may operate an amplified sound system within the event boundaries without permission from the Chief Sound Marshal(s). All amplified sound must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy. All amplified sound systems (excluding personal area sound systems) must be registered with on your sound/theme camp registration or mutant vehicle registration. Each camp will designate a sound sponsor who is responsible for reading the amplified sound policy and signing a sound release form indicating that they will be responsible for ensuring that the sound system is operated in accordance with the Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy. 

Sound Camps must obtain a Sound Permit from the Chief Sound Marshal(s) and display it conspicuously near the sound system for the duration of the event. A specific sound pressure limit (SPL) will be set prior to the event and is subject to change at any time at the request of the Chief Sound Marshal(s). 

Theme Camps and Mutant Vehicles are required to adhere to the direction of the Chief Sound Marshal(s) for the duration of the event. Their SPL level is designated as ‘Medium’ and is intended to cover a broad range of sound levels. The general rule is that medium level sound should be sufficient for participants to clearly hear what is being broadcast while not being a nuisance to other camps/participants. You are allowed to be loud enough to be heard when approaching the area, but not loud enough that you can clearly hear the sound from ~2 theme camps away. 

Failure to comply with the Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy or failure to comply with explicit directives from Sound Marshals, Rangers, or the members of Freezer Burn organizing team will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the procedure section of the Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy. SPL levels are designed to protect the event from external (outside Freezer Burn) complaints. However, this level may not be appropriate at the event during certain hours of the day or in certain locations/situations. In the spirit of community, lower SPLs can and may need to be negotiated due to internal (inside Freezer Burn) conflicts within the Freezer Burn community. These internal negotiations are expected to be fair and reasonable with utmost respect given to artistic expression while also taking into account the needs of the greater community. 

Amplified sound at Freezer Burn is only to be operated within specified times. The current event setup allows for 2 separate zones. 


  • Daily - 11:00 am to 10:00 pm at a medium level. 
  • After 10:00 pm only acoustic and personal area sound is permitted.. Adjust volume accordingly!


  • Thursday: 5:00 pm to 2:00 am
  • Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 am
  • Sunday 10:00 am to 2:00 am 

Temple Burn Night

Temple Burn can be a very special and emotional experience for those who attend. It's important to balance the desire for loud and exciting music with the need to create a space that is accessible and respectful to all. 

While we are not prepared to restrict Amplified sound during this event, we feel that asking Sound Camps to reduce their sound (and especially bass) levels until after the Temple perimeter is opened, is a thoughtful and respectful gesture towards those who may be in a reflective or contemplative mood during this part of our event. It allows for a more peaceful and meditative atmosphere, which can enhance the overall experience for everyone in attendance.


  • Sound Marshals roam the event and are available by radio. If no Sound Marshal is available, Rangers and Producers are authorized and empowered to operate in a Sound Marshal's place. 
  • Questions regarding the Freezer Burn Amplified Sound Policy or its enforcement are directed to the Sound Marshals on site. Sound Marshals are not only able to help adjust sound levels, but also provide technical advice for maintaining compliance. 
  • The Sound Sponsor or one of their representatives is readily available at all times when the sound system is in use. 
  • If there is a sound issue and a Sound Sponsor or one of their representatives is not able to be found within 10 minutes, an on-duty Sound Marshal, Freezer Burn Ranger, or member of Freezer Burn Production Team is authorized to lower sound levels or turn the sound source off as deemed necessary. 
  • DJs/musicians are encouraged to have a second person present to monitor and dynamically adjust sound levels during their performance to comply with the levels for which they are authorized. 
  • All sound systems operate at or under their assigned SPL limit at all times. 
  • Sound Marshals resolve minor SPL infractions by locating the on-duty Sound Sponsor and requesting appropriate changes be made. 
  • If told to do so by a Sound Marshal, Ranger, Sound Sponsor or their representative will comply with directives to turn down the sound. 
  • Sound Policy infractions are recorded in the Sound Log and reviewed at each shift change by the Sound Marshals. 
  • In the event of a formal noise complaint from an external source (outside of Freezer Burn), Sound Marshals and Rangers are dispatched to immediately drop the overall SPL. This could mean anything from a slight drop in sound level to a complete silence of systems. 
  • All Participants are expected to adhere to our Freezer Burn Code of Conduct, and any form of harassment against Sound Marshal volunteers will not be tolerated. They are volunteers enforcing rules put in place to allow for our continued participation in the event. If you have an issue with their instructions, comply, and then have them radio the Chief Sound Marshal and/or producer for further discussion. Their instructions are NOT up for debate when issued. 


Prior to the event, sound stage representatives need to fill out a SOUND STAGE REGISTRATION FORM before May 10. Sound stages will not be permitted to operate at Freezer Burn without prior registration. 

  • Camps or individuals planning to bring amplified sound to Freezer Burn designate a Sound Sponsor for their amplified sound system. 
  • The Sound Sponsor designates up to two additional people to act in his or her stead at the event. These should be individuals that the Sound Sponsor trusts since it is the Sound Sponsor who is ultimately responsible for how the sound system is operated. 
  • The Sound Sponsor will communicate with the Sound Marshal regarding the type and size of sound system to be used. Freezer Burn is a relatively small event, and massive festival grade sound systems are not required, nor will they be able to be used to their full potential. You can save time and money by bringing a ‘right-sized’ system to the event, based on your projected stage area. You do not need 8 bass bins and a line array to fill your stage areas with incredible sound. Bass bleed is an ongoing issue that needs to be carefully managed. Bringing a system that doesn't rumble all over Ponoka will make everyone’s lives easier. 

Theme Camps and Mutant Vehicles must indicate on their applications their desire to bring amplified sound to Freezer Burn. The Chief Sound Marshal will coordinate with them to ensure they have read this policy and will be in compliance for the duration of the event. 

Setting Up 

After being placed by the Theme Camp Placement Team, the Sound Sponsor and, if possible, their representatives meet with The Chief Sound Marshal(s).

  • Set up your sound system at the location indicated by placement. Orientate the sound system away from the house and away from the camping areas. The Chief Sound Marshal(s) can collaborate with the Sound Sponsor on the best orientation for your location. 
  • The Chief Sound Marshal(s) ensures that the Sound Sponsor and, if possible, their representatives know how to monitor their own sound with a decibel meter. 
  • After a sound check and SPL level is set, the Chief Sound Marshal(s) issues a Sound Permit. 
  • The Sound Permit is displayed conspicuously near the sound system. 
  • Turn on the sound system and set to the SPL designated by the Chief Sound Marshal(s)

Sound Stage Amplified Sound Operation

Once a sound permit has been issued, the sound stage is free to operate within the designated times and SPL limits outlined above. Periodically, sound marshals will ensure that SPL levels are being respected. 

  • At 3AM, there is a 10% reduction in SPL limits, and a ‘significant’ reduction in subwoofer output. These levels will be validated by the Sound Marshal to ensure compliance. If your level of sound control allows it, apply a high pass filter to your bass signal to attenuate and drop frequencies below 45Hz. High passing your subs will give you more bass ‘feel’ without the intense sub bass requiring more significant level reductions. 
  • At 2AM or 5AM, you must shut down your sound output completely. There is no room for ‘one more song’, as these are hard cutoff times. 
  • Freezer Burn offers after hours sound permits, which are granted at the discretion of the producers and sound marshals. See the After Hours Sound Policy for specifics if you wish to operate outside the standard stage hours.

Theme Camp/Mutant Vehicle Amplified Sound Operation

Once the sound sponsor has signed the Amplified Sound Release form, a sound permit will be issued. The Theme Camp/Mutant Vehicle is free to operate within the designated times and SPL limits outlined above. Periodically, sound marshals will ensure that SPL levels are being respected. 

  • At 10PM all amplified sound must be shut down completely and only personal area sound will be permitted from smaller devices at reduced levels. 

Enforcement Procedure 

lf a sound producing entity is found to be in violation of the Sound Policy, Sound Marshal(s), Ranger(s), and/or member(s) Freezer Burn Organizing Team address the problem. 

  • Entities operating amplified sound without a valid permit are subject to the disabling and seizing of all equipment until the conclusion of the event. 
  • Entities violating the Sound Policy will receive a verbal warning and will turn their levels down to the levels set by the Sound Marshal(s), and/or Production Team 
  • All infractions are logged in the Sound Log and reviewed at shift change by the Sound Marshals, and Production Team 
  • A second violation may result in a second verbal warning and a reduction of sound levels. This may include significant reductions to bass/subwoofer output for the duration of the evening. 
  • A third violation will result in the shutting down of the sound system for 24 hours, at the discretion of the Sound Marshal(s), or Production Team. 
  • Gross negligence regarding the Sound Policy (or Freezer Burn Code of Conduct) will result in the violating sound source being shut down for the remainder of the event. If this occurs, the violating sound source will need to be removed from the event. If the Sound Sponsor is unwilling or unable to remove the sound source, the Sound Marshal(s) and/or Production Team will remove the sound source to a secure location for the remainder of the event. 
  • The Sound Sponsor is responsible for any accidental damage or theft that may occur if a sound source is impounded. 

Emergency Sound Abatement Procedure 

In the event that there is a formal complaint lodged by a local resident or a county official, event-wide sound will be dampened within 10 minutes. 

  • To maximize response speed, Freezer Burn Rangers will assist the Sound Marshal(s) in communicating the situation to all sound producing entities. 
  • Should this occur, all sound-emitting entities are required to immediately adjust their sound output as determined by the Sound Marshal(s), or Ranger(s). 
  • Acceptable sound levels during emergency sound abatement will be much lower than during the event, and may be as extreme as silence in bass frequency ranges (“cut subs”), or possibly all frequencies (“cut sound”). 
  • When emergency sound abatement procedures are concluded, SPLs will likely need to be adjusted lower to prevent such an event from happening again. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sound Marshal team.