Freezer Burn General Fire Policy

Revised: Apr 2023


This policy is designed to minimize risks and hazards associated with fire at the event “Freezer Burn”, hereafter referred to as “FB”. It will be upheld by the Fire Arts Safety Team, hereafter referred to as “FB-FAST”. The policy is not exhaustive, but will cover all major aspects of fire safety, the FB-FAST will monitor and uphold all aspects of the policy unless stated otherwise.


This policy is contingent upon the event area being free from fire bans or drought. Should FB-FAST deem the area a fire risk, certain events and activities may be suspended or canceled completely. It is expected that should there be any fire bans affecting the area , or if the FB-FAST deems it unsafe for any given fire art to proceed that all participants will adhere to that decision.

Please see the links for the Art Burn Guidelines, Flame Effect Guidelines, or Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage Guidelines for more detailed information. If you have any questions please contact the FB-FAST team at

All participants understand that upon entering the gate of FB they assume risk in the knowledge that fire plays a large part in the event. Participants are advised that these risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire spinning performances, both professional, and amateur
  • Large and small art burns
  • Flame effect devices.
  • Controlled operation of fireworks
  • Storage of flammable fuels on site.


  • All sound camps, stages, or any other camp that requires a generator must provide an ABC fire extinguisher certified within the last 12 months. FB consists of temporary camps, with structures such as tents, tarpaulin, canvas sheeting. These are all highly flammable. Due diligence must be made by camps to reduce the risk of outbreak and spread of fire.
  • Any fire, no matter how small, must be reported to a member of the FB-FAST, an FB event producer, or a Ranger as soon as possible. Only attempt to extinguish a fire if it is safe to do so.
  • Propane fire pits, heaters, barbeques, stoves and appliances are to be set up and used as per the manufacturer instructions. They must be attended at all times when in operation, and placed in such a way that accidental tipping will not spread fire to a nearby structure.
  • Campfires are not allowed at the event. Communal fire pits will be provided, and they are not to be moved without permission from a member of the FB-FAST. No accelerant may be placed onto fire pits once they are ignited, nor excess solid fuel added in order to create a bonfire.

Combustible materials on site

  • The use of gasoline / diesel is allowed for the sole purpose of fuelling generators. AT NO TIME is it acceptable to use gasoline / diesel for any other purpose.
  • All liquid fuel must be stored in a primary safety approved container marked for such purpose. The primary container must be stored in a secondary container, away from high traffic areas, as per the Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage guidelines.
  • All propane must be stored in a manner in which it cannot accidentally fall or be knocked over and secured away from vehicle traffic. Storage distances from ignition sources and flammable items are contained in the Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage guideline.
  • Propane cylinders used in propane effects must be clearly marked for the sole use of that purpose, and their location reported to FB-FAST.
  • FB-FAST will attempt to maintain a site map with the location of storages of large volumes of propane cylinders.
  • In the event of a propane leak, immediately cease any activity involving affected propane. Remove the cylinder, if it is safe to do so, and move it to a secure location, lock out if possible. Clearly mark the cylinder “Cylinder unsafe. Do not use.”
  • FIREWORKS OR ANY OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The only fireworks / explosive devices permitted are those that have been pre-approved by the FB-FAST for sole use in the Effigy ceremony. They are not to be used at any other time. Any unapproved devices will be confiscated and destroyed by the FB-FAST, you will NOT be compensated for any financial loss. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN FIREWORKS TO FB, THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

Fire performances

Fire performer refers to any person who uses fire props as a medium of dance, and expression. They can be amateur, or professional. Fire performance is an integral part of any Burn event, the following statements are not intended to hinder the artistic expression of any participant, they are intended to reduce the risk to both the performer, and any audience members. Fire performers assume all risk of this activity, FB does not accept liability for this activity. “Performer” hereafter refers to any person indulging in this activity, regardless of skill level.

  • Fire breathing is prohibited. It is the most dangerous of the fire arts, and we are not equipped to deal with the consequences in the event of an internal injury.
  • The use of fire props will be allowed at any time, but only in designated fire spinning areas that are clear of any structures and/or overhanging trees within a 20ft radius. The use of fire props including, but not limited to poi, staff, hoop, is strictly prohibited in camps.. It will be the responsibility of the performer to complete a visual site inspection.
  • It will be the responsibility of the performer to provide basic safety equipment. At least a wet towel, or fire blanket, and fire extinguisher. If you do not have this basic safety equipment, you will be asked to stop spinning until you provide the equipment.
  • Performers must be sober throughout the use of fire props, and must not spin alone. Performers must have a sober safety spotter throughout the burn time of their prop.
  • Only kerosene, white gas, or lamp oil may be used to fuel wicks. Gasoline / diesel must never be used.
  • Only all natural fabrics are to be worn, whether spinning, or spotting. Polyester , rayon, fun fur, or any other synthetic fabric will melt when set alight. Loose fitting, or flappy clothing such as sarongs are also not acceptable. Cotton, denim, or leather are acceptable fabrics.
  • It is assumed that all performers have spun fire at least once before, and have received basic safety instruction. If this is not the case, please contact a member of the FB-FAST, and they will be happy to guide you through your first spin.
  • Performers should not need more than a gallon (4.56L) of fuel per person for the purpose of spinning fire for the duration of FB. If you think you need more, please contact a member of the FB-FAST team to discuss.


  • A fire lane will be designated and marked by the FB-FAST, in conjunction with placement and DPW. It must remain clear at all times.
  • A fire evacuation plan will be made available by the FB-FAST and posted in the first response tent. Participants should make themselves aware of the evacuation procedure should it be necessary.
  • The FB-FAST will supply and maintain fire extinguishers, a burns specific first aid kit, fire blankets, and any other safety equipment deemed appropriate. This equipment will not be lent out to participants, unless in an emergency.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the FB-FAST team.